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Delilah Bon has released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Evil, Hate Filled Female’, is the title track from the self-described ‘brat punk’ artist’s upcoming new album, which is scheduled to be released in September this year, via self-release. Speaking about the new music video, the artist says, “it’s about becoming the villain you’re always made out to be…We aren’t these sweet and innocent little girls anymore, we are rage-filled and we are allowed to be angry.” [via Distorted Sound]

Twenty-two-year-old powerhouse performer Gretel (FKA Gretel Hänlyn) returns with her brand new single ‘Far Out’, co-produced by long-term collaborator Mura Masa and out now via her own imprint Breadcrumb Records, in partnership with AWAL Recordings. Gretel’s aesthetic can be felt in everything she touches. This new era feels more physical and visceral than ever, launching today with cinematic new single ‘Far Out’, it’s yet another example of her exceptional worldbuilding and a huge step up in terms of her range and prowess as a young artist. Directed by Maisy Banks and produced by creative director duo The Reids, the stylishly surreal video pays homage to Bob Fosse’s legendary dance hall scene in ‘Sweet Charity’. Gretel gives a spellbinding choreographed performance – it’s exaggerated yet strangely alluring, and depicts Gretel in the spotlight in a way we haven’t yet seen from the rising talent. Speaking on the single, Gretel explains: “’Far Out’ is a big window into my personality and my favourite bits of the writing process; it’s aloof and came from a kinda sarcastic, rebellious place. There’s elements in the song that I never thought would make the Final Cut, like the loud, constant beeping, but once I started conceptualising the deadpan dancing in the music video, I realised those elements only added more personality. I had an idea a long time ago that I wanted to do a weird dance for a music video but I was waiting for a suitable song to whip out my moves. Alex was actually the one to show me the iconic Bob Fosse club dance scene in his film ‘Sweet Charity’, said it looked like something I’d do, and I was dazzled. The music video pays homage to that scene, and I used styling as a direct nod to Suzanne Charny’s character. This song is the first of many more.”

GRAMMY-nominated, genre-defying dance duo SOFI TUKKER have dropped ‘Spiral’ – the second irresistible banger from their anticipated forthcoming album BREAD to be released on August 23. ‘Spiral’ immediately hooks the listener with its 90’s Euro-dance throwback vibe, guitar hook and seductive vocals. Lyrically, Sophie Hawley-Weld explains, “it’s about coming to terms with the end of a relationship, but it sounds hopeful, dancey and energetic.” Tucker Halpern adds, “I’ve always loved ‘90s, early-2000s dance music and Eurodance kind of genres. We made this song with a nostalgic sound. It’s a club banger that brings you back to 2002 and the video is perfect with Heidi.” The music video for ‘Spiral’ combines nostalgia from 00’s chick flicks and memories from childhood sleepovers. Co-starring iconic model Heidi Klum, directed by Aerin Moreno and produced by Scheme Engine – who were also behind SOFI TUKKER’S previous single ‘Throw Some Ass’ – it follows Sophie and Heidi over the course of one night as they let go of their past relationships, capturing the fun and therapeutic magic of spending a night with your best friend. The song feels both retro and modern, with a timeless aesthetic in both design and cinematography. Heidi Klum comments, “As a huge music fan, I have loved SOFI TUKKER’s infectious energy and sound for quite some time. When they invited me to be part of the ‘Spiral’ music video, I didn’t hesitate for a second as I knew that we would have so much fun and probably be dancing all day. The song is contagious and fun, and I loved spending time with Sophie and Tuck, who are not only talented and full of ideas but also super interesting people. Most importantly, I love that this video is all about leaning on great friendships during hard times.” Sophie adds, “Heidi is one of the most contagiously fun people I’ve ever met. She is a vibe elevator and she’s so good at being excellent at what she does while not taking life too seriously. She made me shine brighter just by being in her presence.”

Tove Lo and SG Lewis have unveiled their new Heat EP in full. The pop queen is an old friend of the UK producer, with the two having met on the dancefloor. Staying in touch as they navigated the industry, Tove Lo and SG Lewis recently decided to go back to basics on a scintillating new EP. Out now, Heat leans on some formative club tropes, ranging from filthy house music through to electro and beyond. Take Millennially-charged ‘Let Me Go OH OH’ with its filthy vocals, with Tove Lo commenting: “We wanted to make something with a similar temperature as Kylie’s ‘Can’t get you out of my head’… sexy, cool and hypnotic.” ‘Busy Girl’ channels raucous 2000s electro-house, with added production from TEED; ‘Desire’ meanwhile it all-out trance, with SG Lewis explaining: “I wanted it to be really emotional, something that could be played at the end of the night. It felt like the perfect way to close off the EP.” [via Clash]

Remi Wolf has released a new single, ‘Motorcycle’. It’s the latest track from her upcoming new album. The follow-up to 2021’s Juno, she will release Big Ideas on July 12, after her UK support tour with Olivia Rodrigo. “Lyrically the song dives into this internal dichotomy I experience a lot in my life,” Remi explains. “One side of me is always wanting to slow down and settle down and be in love and be normal and have babies and shit, while the other, very forceful, part of me needs to be restlessly independent and stubborn and free. The song is essentially a fantasy about me living in a reality where both sides of me can exist simultaneously… Secret lives of the wives of Harley Davidson type…” [via Dork]

Aotearoa’s mega-heavy psych-fuzz troubadours Earth Tongue are clearly in the zone right now, launching their second studio album Great Haunting in the midst of monstrous tour of Europe and the UK, currently supporting Ty Segall. Written during the pandemic lockdown era while holed up bingeing on spooky movies in their Tāmaki Makaurau hausu, the now Berlin-based duo of Gussie Larkin (Mermaidens) and Ezra Simons’ (Soft Bait, Troy Kingi) self-described “horrifying rock opera” is a doom-soaked nine track overload — conjuring vast sonics from just guitar, drums and yowls. Maintaining a dark tradition of Aotearoa occult metal tracing back to Timberjack’s iconic 1971 version of Black Widow’s ‘Come To The Sabbat’, Earth Tongue’s new narratives feel akin to flipping through the yellowed pages of ancient Charlton horror comic anthologies, nine tales dripping with unpitying dread. A feeling only reinforced by their video for lead single ‘Nightmare’, an electrifying montage of poltergeists in the kitchen, bloody body on the bed, rural ritualism — directed by Levi Strauss Cranston, shot by Ezra Simons on 16mm Kodak motion picture film, and made with support from NZ On Air. “Being in a relationship brings an extra element of trust to the ban. There is a kind of telepathy that goes on between us when we are playing live, especially with tricky starts and stops. When we record we sing together, on opposite sides of the room. It helps us lock in and makes it a way more fun to record – especially when we got to scream “DEAAAAAATH!!!” to each other during the recording of the song ‘Nightmare’,” says Gussie. [via Under The Radar]

Last month, Hinds announced Viva Hinds and released the extremely groovy tune ‘Boom Boom Back’ featuring Beck, which followed February’s ‘Coffee’. Now, the Spanish rock duo is unveiling ‘En Forma.’ “My boyfriend broke up with me and I turned 30 years old in the same week. This was the first song I could write after months of feeling absolutely devastated, immobile and pathetic,” Carlotta Cosials said. “I just wanted to get better but I just couldn’t, I couldn’t cope with this eternal race of being happier and better and cleaner and healthier.” Ana Perrote added, “When I talk with my girlfriends, in the same afternoon we can chat about wars, philosophy, love and clothes. I tried to reflect on this song the chaos and huge spectrum of what it’s like to be a young woman these days. How overwhelming it can be to juggle the news, politics, our bodies, relationships and laundry.” ‘En Forma’ is their first-ever Spanish language song. Although it’s inspired by difficult circumstances, it’s a blast. Below, watch the ‘En Forma’ video, directed by Cosials and Perrote themselves. [via Stereogum]

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