Hi there!

My name is Helen and I live in Lincoln in the UK. I started this blog in 2012, mainly for myself, to keep up-to-date with the music world and to discover more brilliant music made by women as I had found this difficult in the past. As I gained more and more followers and met more and more like minded people I realised I had something pretty good going on here!

This is primarily a music blog. It’s all about the music, nothing more and nothing less and although I don’t solely listen to music made by women, I do find it much more relatable, As a young woman I found it so important to find inspirational female musicians as well as male ones. They’ve been an important part in making me who I am today! It has been shown that the music industry is a very male-dominated place and this blog is for people to find those musical gems made by brilliant female musicians all in one, undiluted place. It’s rare enough to just find amazing music in a world full of mediocrity, let alone that made by women. At the end of the day, it’s a blog made purely out of love for music and my personal preference within that. I am in no way trying to say that ‘female’ is a music genre because it is most definitely not! I could go deeper into a feminist speech but I am much more of a doer than a talker!

I must also stress that “women/female” to me is completely inclusive of everyone that identifies as such. And although the focus is on women, I’m also here to show appreciation to the men that recognise the talent of their female peers and who help support and develop them as artists without prejudice. I also represent non-binary, GNC and LGBTQ+ artists if they wish to be featured.

While I celebrate brilliant musicians across all levels of success I do love to really champion those bands and artists that are completely DIY and have sole control over their music. And I want to be able to inspire and encourage as many young girls as possible to follow careers in all areas of the music industry including production and engineering.

I cover all genres because I love many different types of music. I would say pop, indie and rock are the main ones though. I share music news, new tracks and music videos. I currently don’t do album or gig reviews as I just don’t have the time but I do conduct interviews and track-by-track breakdowns of releases. If you’re a female/NB musician and you would like to submit your music for consideration, please visit our Submissions page and follow the instructions!

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I run this blog entirely by myself and all written content belongs to me, the author or I have permission to use it from a third party. All media shared is sourced and credited to the respective owners. 

Helen Evans – Founder/Editor