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Photo credit: Shannon Earl

Ava Earl releases new single ‘Jealous Of Her’

The phrase, “Ava, you are a lot,” has been a familiar refrain in the life of Alaska singer-songwriter Ava Earl. Uttered with loving amusement by her parents, mild frustration by more than one teacher, and joyful admiration by a few key mentors, this notion of “being a lot” is at the heart of her forthcoming studio album, fittingly titled, Too Much.

Ava Earl shares the first single from the album ‘Jealous of Her,’ a song about coping with unrequited feelings. “In many of my songs, I like to take real life inspiration, and elevate it to a place somewhat outside of reality, and that’s what I did with this song,” explains Ava.

The verses are pretty grounded, and consider the downfalls of this relationship, but the chorus is more fictional, “I fantasize about being with someone only to make the object of my affection jealous. The fabrication of truth heightens this contrast, turning it into a contest: It’s a competition like it’s always been / I wish that I could make you jealous of him.”

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