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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Electro-pop band macaroom have just released their latest album inter ice age 4. It’s their fourth studio record, and the first since 2018’s swimming classroom. macaroom are from Tokyo, Japan, founded by vocalist Emaru and composer Asahi. They create pop music using “phonelyrics” – a concept studied by Asahi – that relates to the sound function of words, especially sound symbolism. The name inter ice age 4 comes from a novel Inter Ice Age 4 written by famous Japanese novelist, Kobo Abe. There are so many allusions in the album from many books. For example the manga Takopi’s Original Sin by Taizan 5 (M2. ‘mugen’), The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein (M1. ‘flow data’) and more. Listen to ‘mugen’ below.

NOVA is a 19 year old artist who started creating music about a year ago. Her biggest wish as a musician is to reach people with her music, and to offer some form of comfort to those who have been in situations similar to hers. Her lastest single is called ‘I Couldn’t Be the Moon’. “I was part of a toxic relationship that lasted less than a year, but has taken much longer than that to recover from,” explains NOVA of the song. “A lot of the lyrics are about constantly feeling like I’m not enough, which was worsened after being rejected by a producer that I wanted to create this song with. So, because he did not want to work with me, I created the song myself. I want people to listen to it and feel less alone. There was a time where I was so sad, but, like the lyric “now I’ve removed your paint from my body” implies, I have moved on from that time in my life. I hope that anyone who listens to this song will find the courage to move on, as well.” Listen below.

Lisa Murray
Singer-songwriter, producer and multi-disciplinary artist Lisa Murray launches her highly anticipated third single ‘if i ever see you again’. It’s a sassy summer single that deals with the theme of miscommunication and how things get left unsaid when lovers part ways. Written, produced and mixed by Lisa herself, ‘if i ever see you again’ is full of bold lyrics, catchy melodies and feel-good rhythms that create the perfect sonic backdrop to the summer months. Lisa’s tuneful, synth-heavy and harmony focused sound takes inspiration from renowned pop voices such as Taylor Swift, Sigrid and MARINA. ‘if i ever see you again’ was inspired by a text conversation between Lisa and a friend during the pandemic, when Lisa was pursuing her Masters degree at Berklee College of Music. “During a zoom lecture at the beginning of the pandemic, I was texting a friend from my class. We were making plans for when life got back to normal and in the midst of our conversation I jokingly said ‘if i ever see you again’. It immediately clicked with me as a song title.” says Lisa. “So I turned off my camera and muted my mic and sat down at the piano and wrote the chorus there and then.” Listen below.

After spending 2021 dominating Brisbane’s live music scene, playing gigs alongside bands such as Full Flower Moon Band, Dusty, Bad Neighbour, and Dopamine, MELLOW has finally arrived with their debut single: ‘Sad Posting on the Internet’. Despite the new single’s quirky title, ‘Sad Posting on the Internet’ highlights feelings of insecurity and those reoccurring thoughts that can often arise with mental health struggles. MELLOW is unafraid to open up and show their soft side as they introduce themselves to the world with what is the rawest and lyrically most vulnerable song in their set. “The lyrics to ‘Sad Posting on the Internet’ were initially just a journal entry from a time in my life when I was struggling a lot with my mental health and my relationships with the people around me,” explains vocalist Lauren Rowe. “The insecurity outlined in the lyrics can weigh so heavily on a person and feel incredibly isolating. Turning this vulnerable moment into our first single became so important to us in hopes that this song can help others feel seen, know that it’s OK not to feel OK, and even just for a moment, feel less alone.” Instrumentally, Isabella Wood-de-Melo on lead guitar compliments the melancholic lyrics at the start of the song with huge but soft swells drenched in reverb, juxtaposing their complete tonal change to finish the song with a soaring, overdriven guitar solo. Reinforcing this is Nikolai Bray on the drums, Jackson Sweetman on bass, and Ella Belfanti on rhythm guitar, whom all create a slow but intense build throughout the song to an emotional finish, leaving listeners on a blissful high. ‘Sad Posting on the Internet’ is a song to hug your friends to, with a chant-like bridge providing the perfect opportunity to scream out your feelings. Listen below.

Ms Voice
Ms Voice (real name Victoria), came from Siberia to New York 11 years ago to her pursue her dreams. She is singer-songwriter hugely influenced by the likes of Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Norah Jones and Natalie Taylor. She has just released her new single ‘Just a little bit’. The song is about hope, “because when we have our hopes we’re different people, we feel alive,” she says. Listen below.

Hailing from Margate, UK, mas is the sonic child of wife and husband duo, Steph and Michael Dickinson. After making a splash with their debut EP, Songs of the Silent Years, which landed with a bang in 2019, 2022 is set to be another big year for mas, with new singles on the horizon in advance of the duos new EP, limbo – a body of work exploring the light and shade of life, power, hope and spirituality. Title track ‘limbo’ is the first single from the duo’s EP and draws musical influence from Frank Ocean, HAIM, Billie Eilish and Future Utopia. It’s bold, gritty, and packs a sonic punch. limbo was recorded at WWW studios in the UK with the contribution of gifted, and trusted, producers and musicians Dan and Matt Weeks. mas find their groove as they explore infectious melodies, gritty production, and lyrics that cut to the heart. limbo is a little glimpse into the journey of unknowing and unlearning, in the hope of finding something deeper and more authentic. The duo find themselves in an interesting place spiritually and wanted to explore this with ‘limbo’. “This song is about quietly pushing your boat out into a misty sea and not quite knowing where you will end up, but knowing, for certain, tha tit’s something you have to do,” they explain. “It’s about in-betweenness and holding things, which are seemingly in tension alongside each other. This song is about taking a leap of faith; also known as limbo.” Listen below.

Asia Fioravera
Asia Fioravera is a Swiss-Italian self taught artist based in Mexico. She was initially working on a career in science before an event in her life directed her on a new path. After the passing of her fiancé, a musician, she started a journey of self dicovery and healing that brought her not only far away from everything she knew, but also far away from everything she thought her future was going to be. It was with more than 150 unreleased poems and lyrics in her folders that she eventually managed to send an audition to DCMusic Love for one of their beats. The audition was named after the beat name, ‘Soothing’, and a few weeks later she was walking under the Carribean sun to officially record it as her first single. Listen below.

Juliana Dominguez
The 18-year-old indie Latina female singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Juliana Dominguez currently attends Berklee College of Music. Her beachy indie pop/rock style has been described as “Clairo meets Mac DeMarco with a touch of Ariana Grande.” Juliana’s take on the indie genre is pop-forward, yet stands out with her impressive vocal stacking and unique production style. Her distinct use of ambient sounds, like birds chirping, children laughing, and ocean waves, give this gentle “enchanted” aura to her music that is currently unheard of in the indie genre. She’s an incredible talent with an angelic voice and a great ear for catchy melodies, guitar riffs, and hooks. Her debut single is called ‘hey pretty boy’. “I wrote this song about a boy that I met on Bumble,” explains Juliana. “We had a really cute first date and planned on hanging out again. I texted him, “hey pretty boy :),” and asked if he wanted to hang out soon. He said he was busy and couldn’t hang out, which I understood, but I’m a little bit of an anxious person so it got in my head that he was maybe brushing me off and uninterested. The thought of this made me very anxious, but I decided to channel that anxiety into a song. I looked back at the text, “hey pretty boy :),” and thought to myself, “that should be a song!” so I got to writing.” Listen below.

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