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Returning with more heat to close out the summer, platinum superstar Coi Leray unveils a new single entitled ‘Fly Sh!t’ via Uptown Records/Republic Records. On the track, flute-style loops wrap around the head-nodding beat as her instantly recognizable cadence takes hold. She leans into the production with a promise to “Shut down the mall, do whatever I want,” before igniting a knockout hook. Once again, ‘Fly Sh!t’ sees Coi flex her lyrical prowess and undeniable star power without compromise.

Emerging Nigeria-born, UK-based rapper DEELA returns with a double release. The singles ‘anyways/whatchu mean’ are two distinct songs that showcase DEELA’s unapologetic and carefree style. The first cut ‘anyways’ is underpinned by a dreamy synth-driven bouncy soundscape and her stream of consciousness flow. She weaves through the grooves effortlessly changing her cadence at will while discarding the social constraints that try to box her in. ‘whatchu mean’ has a warm and sombre aesthetic and starts off with DEELA’s melodic hook which flows into a fast-paced performance that blends dancehall and rap aesthetics. The bravado displayed here is off the wall as the rapper takes shots at the detractors and naysayers in one fell swoop. Lines like “Jumping on beats like I’m switching my keys, don’t answer to no one, I do what I did/sweep up the house, they call me the breeze” show her unpredictability and smooth bars alike. [via Earmilk]

TiaCorine is one of North Carolina’s finest hip-hop exports, with a buttery sweet voice that delivers sharp, witty bars for days. On her latest single, ‘Chaka Khan,’ Tia teams up with longtime friend and collaborator Kenny Beats for a sickeningly sweet and nostalgic romp through the rapper’s mind as she flashes an awe-inspiring sexual prowess and sharp sense of humor. Beats’ chameleonic nature allows him to emphasize her strengths, laying out the foundation with smooth and minimalist production laced with funk and jazz influences as Tia prances around effortlessly. She taunts, teases and commands as she switches between silky vocals and conversational raps. As for the song’s vibrant and bubbly video, Tia chose to keep it literal. “I’ve actually been sitting on ‘Chaka Khan’ for a while,” she explains. “I dropped a snippet of it with a 10 or 15 second video clip earlier this year — everyone loved how literal it was, so I wanted to keep that same idea for the video, really leaning into that old school aesthetic while also keeping it fresh and fun.” From drop-dead gorgeous looks to cheesy green screens (including a hilarious costume change of her doing her best dad impression), Tia’s charm goes far beyond what she’s proven she could do with her raps. She blends humor, early ’00s aesthetics and a shameless desire to push the limits of her creativity to wrap up in a perfect package deal. TiaCorine is the future. [via PAPER]

Ka’Reema sets the upbeat energy with ‘Gone Again’. Throughout the new track, she makes it clear that she’s a boss-lady and asserts that no one can try her. Nontheless, she states her priority is making money and she has no time for haters or drama. The instrumental for this tune was rightfully picked as it matches Ka’Reema’s vibrancy. The Romael-produced visuals showcase the femcee in a shisha bar with her friends. [via GRM Daily]

Florida artist Skodi has shared a fresh new visual for her song ‘F.O.M.W.’ Following up her powerful, infectious singles ‘MAD!’ and ‘1984’, ‘F.O.M.W.’ continues her streak of imposing, sharply-crafted releases that pair charismatic bars with heavy, raw production. Accompanied by an energizing new video shot by Fxrbes, ‘F.O.M.W.’ wastes no time in making a strong statement straight out of the gate. ‘F.O.M.W.’ contains darkly cathartic instrumentation centred around driving 808s and crisp percussion that gets the heart racing. Atop the hard-hitting beat, Skodi delivers dynamic verses full of lyrics bristling with authenticity, rapping with a textural, gripping vocal style that commands the listener’s full attention throughout. The accompanying visual makes ‘F.O.M.W.’ a cohesive, exciting experience, matching the song’s raw energy with fast-paced, electrifying shots. Overall, ‘F.O.M.W.’ makes for an enthralling release, enticing the listener with its nocturnal, adrenaline-fuelled sonics and engaging visuals. [via Earmilk]


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