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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

‘Belly Baby’ by PALMU is a body positivity banger. But unlike most of the bodypositivity songs, this one is not just about loving your body and accepting your curves. This one is about feeling sexy with extra kilos and embracing that belly on the dancefloor. PALMU is a Finnish/Moldovan singer-songwriter based in Berlin since her deal BMG Management Publishing GmbH. She describes herself as quirky, cheeky, goofy and full of attitude. Even though she has a very distinctive soulful diva voice she loves to make music that plays with metaphors and gives you energy, confidence and at times makes you laugh. One of the reasons why ‘Belly Baby’ is such a meaningful song for PALMU is because she believes strongly in self-expression and wants her music to make you feel confident in who YOU are. Even though ‘Belly Baby’ is a fun and confident dancefloor banger, the inspiration for the song comes from a darker place. A couple of years ago PALMU suffered from severe anxiety. By that time she lost a lot of weight and people in the music industry were complimenting her looks alot. However, she wasn’t feeling like herself in that body and her mental health was in the worst place of her life. When she started to get better and she started to gain weight again even though people from outside thought she was doing worse she was actually feeling better under her own skin. That’s when she wrote ‘Belly Baby’. She says: “I never identified myself as skinny. I always felt more comfortable in my own skin when I have a bit of extra to keep me warm especially in the winter (laughing). That’s why it’s interesting that when I actually was “ skinny” I felt the worst of my life and now as a mid size/plus size woman I feel like my personality and looks match. I feel more whole. I want every woman to embrace their body in its natural form and weight. Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy. Women’s biggest insecurities for decades has been their tummy. Just remember, you are a hot ass Baby with Belly so go on and shake it on the dancefloor!” Listen below.

My Favourite War
A collaboration between Icelandic musician Jón Kristínarson and Ukrainian poet and singer Ella Yevtushenko, My Favorite War combines urgent political commentary with a punchy and perfectly tailored approach to lo-fi noise pop. The duo’s debut release, a 3-track EP called Songs for Serpents, explores the realities of climate change, gender oppression, and war, and for every ounce of substance this release offers, it shows up with just as much style. Songs for Serpents simultaneously harkens back to early feminist peace-punk bands like Crass as well as riot grrrl standbys like Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, all while paving the way into its own creatively chaotic niche. From a musical standpoint, the three songs of the EP blend into one another seamlessly, creating a cohesive, nine-minute piece of music. Aptly named, the opening track ‘Oven’ (Духовка) offers a cutting take on global climate change and the realities of a quickly warming planet. Listen below. The frenetic and somewhat chaotic energy of the EP fits its political subject matter well, creating the sense that even amidst the fun and joy we experience in our lives, the constant truth of impending destruction hangs just in front of our faces.

Nina Fine
Soulful singer-songwriter Nina Fine has released her debut single ‘Little Lies’. We all get fooled. We can feel hurt, betrayed, angry: but then we move through it, come out the other side, and we learn. ‘Little Lies’ is a track of empowerment after being fooled by someone who says one thing and behaves in the opposite way. Comparing the persona culture of city life with the insincerity of a lover, ‘Little Lies’ reflects on dishonesty in a relationship through musical playfulness. This debut single is a display of her exquisite storytelling, and years cultivating a grounded voice. She showcases raw, earthy vocals and insightful lyrics over bold brass lines, rich harmonies and instrumentals blended with outside sounds, telling this story in a cheeky – but still sensual – way. Nina is on a mission to connect people: “music is a way we connect; to those around us, to ourselves, to something bigger.” Listen below.

Molly Koppel
Molly Koppel is 26 years old and singer-songwriter from Copenhagen. She has been making music since she was six years old and is a part of the well known music family with the same surname. Her debut as a solo artist was in 2019 with the EP Waves followed by the double single ‘Tell Me/Replace’. Her music moves from alternative Rnb, soul and pop melodies with a jazzy twists. Molly introduces melancholic thoughts, experimental choir harmonies and untraditional structures. Molly Koppel is now ready with her latest project. Four songs presented by one-take recorded experimental live sessions to invite people into the songwriting process and create something else besides a studio recorded release on Spotify. The songs are written and arranged by her, and she has collaborated with these amazing musicians and recorded it with production company and record label 100blaa. The track “‘SLOWLY’ was created from intuitive feelings of being a young woman in love and the realization that the most important kind of love comes from within ourselves. The flamenco rhythm is inspired by a deep fascination of both flamenco dance and music.” Listen below.

Fighting Colours
Fighting Colours are a modern rock outfit based on the stony shores of Brighton. Formed in 2020, the four-piece are united by a desire to crank up the volume and embrace heady emotion in Brighton’s alt-rock scene. Their skilful balance of off-kilter rhythms, hard-hitting riffs and lyrics that feel truly confessional means there really is something for everyone at a Fighting Colours gig. New single ‘Your Choice Now’ is a live favourite, closing out many Fighting Colours gigs on a note of heartfelt empowerment. As the title suggests, the song is all about choices – uncertainty about massive decisions at critical moments, and reflections on previous choices that informed our experiences and made us the people we are. You’ll hear their heavier influences in the track’s anthemic sound, including thundering drums and insistent riffs. Meanwhile, the vocals tend soaring and melodic, lyrics filled with drama and pathos ringing proudly beside a stormy sonic backing. It’s a culmination of the time Fighting Colours have taken to hone their style. Listen below. They will be playing at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton on 28th September with two other local bands, GURF & Carbon Theory.

Grace Power
After performing in venues from Carnegie Hall to Polish cathedrals, Grace Power emerges as an independent artist with her debut single, ‘Break Me’. As an artist, her commitment to vulnerability leads to strikingly honest lyricism. Inspired by her own experience with relationship anxiety, the single ‘Break Me’ celebrates the bravery of vulnerability & falling in love. Sparkling vocals layer over acoustic guitar and dreamy synths, and the choruses drive with pulsating arp and drums.

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