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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Ssolana is a 20-year-old queer singer-songwriter and producer from North London who creates haunting, dream-like songs with contrastingly low and high vocals. Her lyrics are full of metaphors to mask the more eerie and serious themes often seen throughout her work. Aside from music, she is a social media influencer who first started gaining popularity for her outspoken approach when it comes to politics and social and economic inequalities, her openness about her struggle with mental health and her fae-inspired style; all of these traits can be heard in her music. Her alternative, dream-pop aesthetic goes deeper than her music as she deems the visual art for her songs as equally important to her storytelling. Her latest track ‘from the grave’ has a spooky, sinister feel as she expresses the aftermath of her self-isolation due to issues with her mental health and ADHD. The song follows her as she attempts to emerge back into the world, however, things feel different now, she feels different. Listen below.

Rhiannon Leonard
Rhiannon Leonard is a singer-songwriter from the West Midlands. Last year she released an emo/pop-punk album, a kind of love-letter to the early 00s music she loved so much. Her new EP however is balls-to-the-wall pop; 5 songs influenced by some of her favourite female pop-stars. “I’ve gigged acoustic for years (and continue to do so), but decided to go full pop production when I returned to the studio this year” she explains. Stand out track ‘Ex-Lovers Mixtape’ came from a conversation with a horrible ex, that Rhiannon basically turned into a petty song reflecting on previous relationships, then named the EP after it. “I’ve often jokingly referred to myself as the Black Country Taylor Swift – if you get involved with me, you get a song written about you. This EP was another fun way for me to push the trope.” Listen below.

Vero Noah
In a nordic pop universe, infused with soul, Gospel, and electronica, you’ll find Vero Noah. At a young age, she found comfort in music as safe haven. From a small southern town in Norway, she started her musical journey with her own music. Despite her young age, she has a lot of experience being a songwriter for other artists and as a touring performer. The long-anticipated debut of Vero Noah is here, with the third single from her upcoming EP. She pulls you in with her velvet-mellow vocals with honest lyrics inspired by her own life with the hope that her music will help others the way it helped her. ‘Swing Your Bat’ is an uplifting soul jam with an inspirational message about being aware of where you go when you need comfort. If you’re a fan of artist like Tori Kelly, Allen Stone and Alessia Cara, we’ll definitely think you’ll vibe to this new track by Vero Noah. Listen below.

From the age of 12 years old AMY.D had started to create tracks in her bedroom using only her laptop, microphone and mini keyboard. From 2019 she has been in the studio making tracks with Cassius Clifford (CC On The Beat) where she has developed and grown to find her own unique sound which is a mixture of acoustic and alternative/electronic pop. AMY.D is an advocate for positivity and growth, with the objective to connect with and help the community’s that are close to her like the LGBTQ+ , POC, the adolescents, people suffering from mental health and anyone who feels outcasted or unseen. Listen to her new single ‘I Wish’ below.

‘Natures Best’ is the first single off Shallise’s extended project T.R.I.A.L.S DELUXE. It features London guitarist Otta Bayley who Shallise has worked with previously on her track ‘The Way’ (also featured on T.R.I.A.L.S EP and Deluxe). Shallise uses the power of similes to describe a toxic and destructive relationship. She describes the desperation to walk away but finds it has too much of a strong hold on her. ‘Natures Best’ was written and sung by Shallise, produced by London based GLSUoA, mixed by sound Engineer MixedbyHarlequin along with assistant engineers SANA.J and Leonard Ramershoven and mastered by Joshua Diamond. Along with a featured guitar solo played and written by Otta Bayley. Listen below.

Holly Clausius
Holly Clausius is a queer Toronto artist blazing a trail of her own. Her soulful songwriting emulates the ballads of Feist, the honesty of Amy Winehouse and raw onstage talent of Alanis Morissette. Blending the genres of pop, rock, soul and folk – there is a flavor for everyone in Clausius’ music. Holly released her debut acoustic EP Sunflower in 2020, rock-pop LP Rose Garden in 2021 and has been working hard on a new project, forget-you-not focusing on different sounds like pianos/synths, live drums and horns. Some of the biggest inspirations behind these songs include Vulfpeck, Maggie Rogers, Taylor Swift and Julia Jacklin. This EP is a reflection on past relationships and the choice between growth and holding on to pain. Throughout the journey we go from long-distance betrayal to the heartbreaking decision to let someone go. “Flora – the periwinkle haired character is who I share this story through and is a symbol of love and forgiveness” explains Holly. “Being a queer artist, I chose to create a character that not only accepts you for your tough decisions but who also relates to feeling different and outcasted. My producer Alex Purcell and I worked tirelessly on this for 6 months and recorded vocals from my home studio, something we perfected during the pandemic. We play with synths and 80’s inspired sounds on the lead single ‘forget-you-not’ – a song that reflects on my earlier relationships with family, friends and the people who bullied me throughout my teenage years. Listen below.

Kate Fear
Kate Fear’s debut single, double A-side ‘Sylvia’ and ‘The Beat Goes On,’ is out now. A slice of post-punk indie disco, ‘Sylvia’ is driven by razor-sharp snares, bouncing bass and hook-laden synths. Lyrically, the song is about how the world treats female artists. Kate says “When a woman is a troubled genius, the world focuses on the troubled, not the genius.” Written and recorded by Kate throughout 2020 and 2021 at her home studio, with vocals recorded at Hove’s Church Road Studios, Kate’s music takes influence from Talking Heads, Blondie, Pulp, Erasure, Pins, Stereolab and Kraftwerk. Kate says: “I want to make music that means something but that will make you dance round your living room as well. These songs give you the option to engage with the lyrics or just do your thing to four-to-the-floor rhythms with snappy snare and funky bass.” Listen to ‘Sylvia’ below.

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