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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Alice Jayne
After a four year absence from music, London-based singer-songwriter Alice Jayne is back with a completely new dark-pop sound and aesthetic. Alice had found herself in a world she didn’t feel comfortable in; the old school Rockabilly scene. She has been working hard over the past 2 years redeveloping herself as an artist and figuring out what works best for her. Sound and image, she is now her true self and she is ready to show that to the world. On talking about latest single ‘The Hanged Man’, Alice Jayne mentions how there had been a reccurring pattern over the last couple of years, where relatioships and events in her life kept repeating themselves, so she wrote about it. She wrote about the pain, heartache and traumatic events that had taken place. ‘The Hanged Man’ is a song about time wasting, trusting red flags and gut intuition. Alice Jayne is here to show you that freedom is your birth right and to remind people that “there is always light within the dark”. Listen to ‘The Hanged Man’ below.

Thea FitzGerald
Following on from the release of her electric and energetic Falling Forward EP earlier this year, Melbourne singer-songwriter Thea FitzGerald is stepping into her power with her next single ‘Woman.’ Lyrically and sonically, ‘Woman’ is Thea FitzGerald’s soulful ode to feminine magnificence. In a modern world that supposedly celebrates the spectrum of womanhood, Thea FitzGerald still sees that in practice, this solidarity can often be frustratingly distant and shallow.’Woman’ builds on the confusion and frustration that is borne from this dynamic, having truly internalised the power and brilliance of being a woman or female identifying, whilst knowing so much of womanhood is still largely misunderstood. From here, conflicts are generated and beg the question: while an individual has managed to cultivate confidence, esteem and gratitude, if they’re not infuriated by those who are yet to truly appreciate their womanhood, are they complacent and complicit in undermining a fully realised femininity? ‘Woman’ answers this question eloquently, and with heart. FitzGerald’s writing is truthful, relatable, and is given extra weight by her soaring vocals and stacked harmonies. With production by Stuart Le Brander, playful and intricate percussion balances the frustration and sass evoked in the lyrics. Fitzgerald brings a much needed burst of energy and joy with the release of ‘Woman,’ something which she attributes to being able to go through life standing in solidarity alongside other women. Listen below.

Naomi Tessler
Naomi Tessler’s music is a dance of vibrant vocals, earthy folk, jazz, R&B and Kirtan with soulful and poetic lyrics. ‘Till The Shadow’ tells her tale of living in a place of deep darkness…Surrendering to the unknown… and finally– planting roots in the heart of possibility. “This song is a map… narrating my journey through the paradigm shift we’re collectively navigating at this time… guiding me to embody trust and courage in sharing my gifts with the world,” she explains. “During the second wave of the pandemic, I felt I had no energy left to give… A dark hole became my dwelling place… The universe was asking me if I was ready to make a different choice… very slowly, I began to create space for new neural pathways to develop, slowly giving rise to seedlings of confidence to step deeper into these gifts of mine, both as a healer, and musician. ‘Till The Shadow’ has become my anthem, reminding me of all the ways I have been, all the ways I am being, and all the ways that are being born in me: I am ready. I hope when folks listen to my song, it speaks to a part of their soul that’s waiting to be heard. That it inspires a fire to be lit in the belly of their desire, igniting a practice of living in the light of their truth.” Listen below.

Sophia Bavishi
Sophia Bavishi is an indie-pop singer-songwriter and digital performer. She has been writing, recording and producing music for over 5 years. She performs regularly at local music venues around Phoenix, AZ. Her first song, ‘ya we broke up,’ was released in February 2021. Since then, she has released 5 more singles, ‘Parking Garage,’ ‘Bright Eyes,’ ‘Running Out of Time,’ ‘Rain,’ and just recently, ‘Fragile Heart. “I’ve been working hard over the last year to refine my music and my sound, and I think this new release reflects how I’ve evolved as an artist. With this newest song of mine, I spun that helpless, ‘I’m heartbroken because they dumped me’ feeling to a place of strength and confidence. Taking back control, really. I joke that I’m entering my villain era, but honestly, I think we all want to play the bad guy sometimes,” says Sophia Bavishi. Sophia Bavishi’s music has been described as moody and mid-tempo with pop sounds that catch your ear from the get-go. This newest release has an edge and maturity that takes her music to the next level. Listen below.

APACALDA’s self-titled debut EP was fully written and inspired by true events. “I chose bold honesty, sharing details about experiences that have maybe hurt me, but also molded and shaped me,” she says. It is meant to simulate an inner downward spiral, enchanting the listener to descend into a hauntingly beautiful immersive world that has been meticulously yet authentically curated. Her latest track, ‘Male Gaze,’ is deliberate introspection about the unfortunate yet inevitable darker experiences femme/women have endured and tolerated in a world led predominantly by the “Male Gaze.” “It’s about speaking out, the refusal to continue to adapt to what is, and instead confronting the truth with the intention to accept nothing less than change in favour of a safer existence. From its inception, ‘Male Gaze’ was fueled by passionate resentment. For you. I’ll live, I’ll die for you. I don’t wanna be for you. This is significant to me because a great majority of my existence from the perspective of me being a woman has been to accommodate or be appealing, appeasing, and submissive to men. This song is about our accountability of how we propagate the current gaze and its emerging ramifications. I hope it incites power in you.” Listen below.

Katja Macabre
Katja Macabre is a queer DIY artist from London, living in Brighton, England. Currently unsigned, she has been working on her own music for a number of years, writing, recording and producing it all from her home studio. Releasing her debut single ‘I’m On Fire’ and debut EP of the same name in 2020, she has been taking time to write and is now back with a new sound for her new single ‘Compliments’. ‘Compliments’ has been written with women and queer people at the forefront of Katja’s mind. Being part of both communities herself, she hopes to give those who fear to walk home alone a power anthem, because “when we experience catcalling, or worse…all parties know it’s not a f**king compliment.” Listen below.

Amy Jaime
From pop to R&B, Las Vegas-based artist Amy Jaime does it all. Since she started to sing at just 9 years old, Amy always knew she was destined to do something special. She has just released her new single ‘Secret’. “‘Secret’ is about a failed romantic relationship that didn’t last long however the feelings were still there even though they didn’t feel the same way as me,” Amy explains of the song. “Eventually I kept it as a secret that I liked this person in my head. The creative process started out at one of my friends studios in Atlanta. We were discussing about my failed relationships and decided to write about and that is how ‘Secret’ came to life.” Listen below.

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