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Canadian melodic power thrashers Triskelyon will be unleashing their debut album Downfall on October 28 via Washington state-based extreme metal label Moribund Records. Now, the band presents their latest music video for the single ‘Balance of Terror’. The song features vocals from Amanda Marie Jackman (Category VI). Band founder Geoff Waye explains the track: “‘Balance of Terror’ is primarily a nod to the best classic Star Trek episode (Star Trek: The Original Series: Season 1, Episode 14). It’s also about the balance of power that has been built up over the decades. The music video was filmed along the coastline in the area of Cape Spear Newfoundland. There’s a couple of shots from with the large guns that were a part of Newfoundland’s coastal defense during WWII.”

Look up to the sky to see the ‘Burning Horizon’, the next music video for the third single from Italian progressive avant-garde metal MindAheaD in support of their sophomore story album 6119 Part 1 being released via Rockshots Records on October 28. The band adds about the track: “‘Burning Horizon’ is direct and catchy both melodically and structurally; it focuses on the voices that intersect and duet, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes aggressively opposing each other. The instrumental part is articulate, but always keeping an eye on melody and easy assimilation. The orchestrations also play an important role, providing a backdrop to the burned horizon that will turn into a desert very soon.”

BABYMETAL have shared ‘Divine Attack – Shingeki,’ the lead single from their forthcoming concept album, THE OTHER ONE, arriving March 23. The song breaks new ground for BABYMETAL, forgoing the dance-centric metal style of the group’s prior work for a heavier, post-hardcore approach. It marks the first new music from BABYMETAL since the 2020 single ‘BxMxC.’ The track also serves an introduction to the new album’s ambitious concept, which reads more like a science-fiction film plot rather than a thematic collection of songs. As the press release tells it, BABYMETAL were “sealed” from the world after a 10-year journey and were finally recovered within the virtual “METALVERSE” in April 2022 via “THE OTHER ONE restoration project.” A total of 10 songs were discovered within the restoration project, each “representing a unique theme based on 10 separate parallel worlds.” One of the worlds is dubbed “CAVALRY,” which ‘Divine Attack – Shingeki’ is based on, “alluding to a cavalry preparing for their next battle.” For the first time, lead singer SU-METAL penned the lyrics. [via Consequence]

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of Finnish rockers Highway Queen for their debut full-length Bitter Soul, a collection of rock and metal songs with beautiful melodies, strong riffs with heavy drums and bass. Each song shows the listener the stylistic versatility of the band. The album is due out on December 16 and follows their 2021 singles ‘Walls Are Burned’, ‘You Better Run’ and ‘Hellfire’ released via Inverse Records. Songs on Bitter Soul are all about scenarios in one’s life. The lyrics tell stories about gnawing the burden of shame, anger, and bitterness. They also talk about the burden that carries through generations. They are about people’s weaknesses too. The stories are also about overcoming these challenges. “From our first self-releases and singles with Inverse Records to this album, our sound is definitely going from a lighter to heavier direction. Every song has its own mood so feeling vary throughout the album. There are parts in the album with bluesy vibes to parts that have strong doom or even thrash vibes. It all blends together with a touch of 80’s style. Every song on the record has its own mood.” adds the band. Now, the band presents their first single and album title track with a music video. The band explains the song in further detail: “We wanted to compose a very simple and blues-like song. We tossed around ideas and played and played until we got verse and chorus ready. Still, we weren’t pleased with the chorus. We had a session with the producer and we introduced the song to him. He also thought that it wasn’t ready yet. So we played the song and tried to think out of the box and the chorus came out. The guitar has a gloomy riff to give the song a darker shade. The bass came out to be strong together with simple and tight drums still giving some spice on its own. Bitter Soul tells about a woman who has lost her loved ones. Her soul has died. She regrets and mourns but she doesn’t know how she can change the things she has done.”

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