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Here we will be sharing the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Bryony Matthews – ‘Thinking Of You’
Folk-pop artist Bryony Matthews recently unveiled her enchanting new track ‘Thinking Of You’. With Bryony’s impeccable vocals and stripped back sound, the deeper meaning of unrequited love is brought to the forefront of the new offering.

Jess Yaffa – ‘Run Away’
Pop-rock artist Jess Yaffa has returned with an anthemic new release ‘Run Away’. The soaring emotions of young love are captured beautifully in this energised track.

Belle – ‘Just B U’
15-year-old Pop/Rock artist Belle releases her latest single ‘Just B U’. Belle’s music draws inspiration from her own experiences and how she overcame difficult times. Her songs are powerful and uplifting, with an underlying message of kindness, hope and strength through adversity.

Tilda Allie – ‘Say No’
Tilda Allie is a Swedish music producer, vocalist and visual artist based in South East London. Tilda explores alternative soundscapes mixed with electronic pop, soul, jazz, and cinematic music. Tilda combines thought-provoking visuals and dark but soulful melodies to captivate the audience’s senses. Her new single ‘Say No’ is about finding your authentic self, it mirrors the frustration anxiety brings out when we don’t love ourselves, constantly saying no to who we are.

Jo Sarah – ‘The Call’
Jo Sarah is an Amsterdam-based artist and producer. Inspired by her multicultural roots (Dutch & Surinamese) and the cultures she grew up in around the world (Bhutan, Indonesia and Bangladesh), ignited her artistic direction of ‘The Call’. Fusing warm yet deep and unique vocals to create a melting pot for an interesting story, that can be heard in her production, and experienced in the organic sounds and instruments exhibited in the track.

Bisca Rae – ‘Other People’
Hailing from a small town in big-city clothing, aka Milwaukee, songstress Bisca Rae is well versed in the creation of sonic dreamscapes evocative of nostalgic soulful productions. As an artist with unmatched tenacity, and brimming with new ideas, Bisca now releases her ninth studio single ‘Other People’ as part of her forthcoming project Sad Girl SZN.

Madison Steinbruck – ‘Kathryn’
Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madison Steinbruck has unveiled her latest single, ‘Kathryn’. The track, a second single off of Madison’s upcoming debut LP Australia’s Lonelier, is a bold tale of betrayal and loss of trust.

Lioba – ‘At The Pool’
Lioba released her brand-new single ‘At the Pool’ last month. This track was released with the announcement of her debut album, Magnolia, that will be released in early 2023, via Duchess Box Records.

Lola Marsh – ‘Shot Shot Cherry’
Israel’s Lola Marsh leans into the uncertainty of the pandemic with their hypnotically infectious video, ‘Shot Shot Cherry’, the lead single from the album Shot Shot Cherry out now via Universal’s Polydor Records.

Brídín – ‘Dancing Shadows’
West Sligo contemporary harpist Brídín has released her debut album featuring collaborations from MuRli, Sharon Shannon, and Stephen Rea. The stunning 12-track collection of tracks is an ethereal exploration of Brídín’s unique artistry.

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