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Last summer, fresh-faced Bronx MC Ice Spice came out of nowhere with the viral smash “Munch (Feelin’ U),’ and she’s starting to look like the person most likely to turn drill from grimy, cultish underground to full-on pop music. Ice Spice followed ‘Munch’ with her single ‘Bikini Bottom’ last fall, and now she’s got another one called ‘In Ha Mood.’ ‘In Ha Mood’ is a brisk, two-minute track with a fast, rumbling beat from RIOTUSA, Ice Spice’s regular producer. The track definitely fits into the sound that Ice Spice has been building, and she does some of the same bratty flexing that she’s been doing on past tracks. But he song also sounds slightly more downcast than her past tracks, and her rapping is tighter and more technical. [via Stereogum]

These days, the Oakland rapper Kamaiyah is quietly but steadily cranking out new music. Last year, she came out the three EPs; the most recent, Keep It Lit, is less than a month old. Now, she’s got a new single called ‘Thru The Week,’ and it’s one more example of what she does so well. Over a classic Bay Area beat — slow digital bassline, melodic synth-whines — Kamaiyah goes into breezy singsong mode, casually flexing with an everyday sense of calm. It’s not an ambitious song, but its vibe is tremendous. [via Stereogum]

Moni Meechi has shared a new single called ‘Like Whats Up’. Emoni Nycole Millsknown, professionally as Moni Meechi, is an American Hip Hop artist, producer, and songwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina. In her childhood, she was introduced to music by her older cousin, and since then has built a growing discography of songs that harness the bounce and stylishness of southern hip-hop. Her latest, ‘Like Whats Up’, continues this trend with its bass-heavy, sweltering sound and charming bravado. ‘Like Whats Up’ contains swelling bass and rugged synths that are locked in by an infectious drum line. As the beat builds with its layers of synths, Meechi delivers an imposing set of bars filled with confidence, as she flexes atop the muscular instrumentation with a poignant delivery. [via Earmilk]

Multi-talented West Coast-based rapper, poet, and singer-songwriter Bre Maa, shares the visuals for her new song ‘Breath of Fresh..’. The Jeraw Beatz-produced track is a smooth fusion of soul and jazz with boom-bap aesthetics underpinned with introspective lyricism. Over the solemn textures, warm basslines and head-nodding drum grooves, Bre takes time to realign with her inner self while dropping some gems for listeners to rock with. With Lines like “So I live right, love hard, nothing more, nothing less/ The truth of God will never have you stressed/ be Blessed”, she attains some form of nirvana while wishing listeners the same. The visual style is reminiscent of the 90s with subtle seamless transitions and performance shots that capture her calm demeanor and the serenity of the set pieces around her. The video is shot by Protius. [via Earmilk]


Armenia based artist Brunette has quite a story to tell in her songs. From ‘Gisher’ to ‘Smoke Break’ Brunette encapsulates us, the listeners in her world of smooth and gentle contemplations and thoughts about life, coming of age, love and loss. 

Strongly defined Armenian culture in her lyrics is seen throughout the use of references to Armenian euphemisms and lyrics in her songs. 

Brunette’s release  ‘Gisher’ is about a being the night to her lover, who is the Moon. The love lyric ballad with hip-hip verses, the song travels us one a seductive journey through a car ride with Brunette across a Yerevan at night. 

This theme continues in ‘Smoke Break’, which is almost like the second chapter to ‘Gisher’, the continuation of the relationship and conversation with her lover. 

Brunette is represented by Armenian based producer Nare Manukian. The female duo collaborates together on Brunette’s tracks and artistic vision. 

‘Bac Kapuyt Achqerd’ is the latest release by the singer-songwriter. The song starts with an emotional chorus, which dives into the verse, full of guitar notes and storytelling. With the hypnotic vocals and long lingering “How do I wait, one night, without you, close my eyes, to just wait”, we are diving into the atmosphere of the song, an in-depth journey of the girl’s dream. 

The literal translation of the song is “Revealing Blue Eyes”.  She compares the eyes to the ocean, sea, where the eyes dive her to. 

Brunette premiered the song on The International Coca Cola Music Festival in Yerevan, Armenia, which took place in September last year. 

Following the debut, the release has been at the most successful release of the singer as of today, leading the Apple Music Armenia chart. 

While we are still getting introduced to the Pop music scene in Caucasus, we can with no doubt say that Brunette has defined what modern Armenian pop is. 

We look forward to see more exciting song by this up and coming extraordinary artist! [Written by a guest writer]

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