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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Lauren Curtius
A longtime musician, songwriter, and DIY artist who first entered the Southern California music scene as a teenager, Lauren Curtius is on the cusp of her solo debut with her self-produced single ‘Enough’. Recorded by Curtius alone at her home, ‘Enough’ sees her returning to share part of her story through a carefully crafted, dreamy and introspective composition. Known for crafting pop melodies that are enveloped in atmospheric, thoughtful instrumentation, her engaging lyricism remains sweetly sung with a voice that is undeniably compelling. Now though, her voice is imbued with the fervor of a woman who has rebuilt her life from the ground up and stands determined to unapologetically occupy space. Heartbreaking as it is hopeful, ‘Enough’ is a result of singer-songwriter Lauren Curtius’ healing journey recovering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder. After leaving an abusive relationship, she was left living in survival mode struggling to reclaim her sense of self. Intentionally lyrically sparse, the song is a glimpse into her fractured inner monologue while still in the grips of CPTSD. It captures the experience of living trapped within your mind, and with the only solace being just making it through the day. “A lot of people don’t get what it’s like to have CPTSD. You try to talk about it but the right words don’t come out, and you end up feeling really misunderstood and alone,” she said. For a long time Curtius could barely sing or play her guitar without being triggered, but one day at the height of the pandemic in 2020 she wrote Enough. Shortly afterwards she found the courage to get help and became determined to heal. Over the next two years, she would slowly teach herself how to produce, mix, and master the recording in between weekly therapy sessions spent painstakingly documenting over a decade of emotional and sexual abuse perpetrated by an ex-partner. Listen below.

Tess LeBlanc
Tess LeBlanc is a poet, songwriter, and harpist from Vancouver, BC. She studied creative writing in university and published some of her poetry and short stories before starting to explore songwriting. All of her songs tell stories, and she loves to pluck from folklore and history to create something totally new. In her second single, Tess creates a little universe. Airy, ethereal vocals mingle with intuitively plucked harp strings over a bed of synths. LeBlanc’s voice builds from a whisper to a plaintive wail – the moon maiden wishing to be heard.”‘Moon Maiden’ was partially inspired by the Chinese legend of Chang’e, who fled to the moon after achieving immortality,” she explains. “The song was produced by my partner Thomas, and I love the sound of the harp strings over synths – I hope to show people what a versatile and beautiful instrument harp can be.” Listen below.

Taurine (formerly Floor 4) are a heavy, energetic, queer fronted emerging force in the Manchester music scene. Since the release of their third song, original members Mars (they/them) and Aidan (they/them), have welcomed new additions to the band: drummer Evan (they/them) and rhythm guitarist Jack (he/him). Hitting on topics such as politics, gender identity and the patriarchy, their music has a strong emphasis on the importance of togetherness and freedom of expression, conveying a sentiment that anyone in a similar position can identify with; disillusionment at modern life and sense of freedom. Following their first year of releasing music, they are ready to hit the next year running with banger after banger. Written in retrospect after a relationship that turned toxic, new single ‘Breathe’ speaks openly about wanting to remove yourself from a situation whilst not fully being able to let go. The song starts in the depths of a relationship, leading into the uncertain place of trying to understand the effects of things happening around you, before the final uplifting breath of fresh air that you take when all ties have been cut. Listen below.

Soph Retief
Armed with a passion for songwriting and a knack for telling the stories of others, Singapore-born-and-based Soph Retief is back with a whole new collection of stories to tell from her time in one of the biggest cities in the world. ‘New York, You’ll Never Break My Heart’ is a folk infused dance pop banger about falling in love with the city instead of those who could potentially break her heart. ‘New York, You’ll Never Break My Heart’ is the first of four singles which Soph is set to release in the first half of 2023. Whilst each song is delectably unique in sound to each other, they stand together with related themes of love, independence, growth and the challenges of wanderlust. The irresistible melodies and captivating vocals pave the way as the common thread throughout the entire genre journey of pop-punk to electronic dance pop with a short detour to folk. Produced by versatile EDM musician AX.EL, the innovative duo creates addictive grooves and juicy multi-layered arrangements that will remain in any listener’s head and move their feet. Listen below.

Full of a particular sound that crosses latino pop, indie and experimentation, nata! releases Egreso, her first EP marked by nostalgia, love and the processes of a change of stage. The artist from Santiago, Chile tells us “Egreso was a concept developed just when I was leaving the university, at the beginning of COVID. I did not have an exam or graduation ceremony, so I did my own closing of the stage. However, I opened a new one: my school of music, of composing songs, of daring to do what I always wanted. These songs are my rite of passage.” ”Material de la Nostalgia” closes the EP, precisely alluding to the last mentioned topic: ”I started making this song thinking about how nostalgic we are in Chile. We are closed chested. The times that I have had the fortune to visit other countries, I realize that this syndrome disappears, so it seems to me that the Cordillera de los Andes mountains have an influence on that. In Santiago we are called ‘’the intermediate depression’’ because we’re in a hole between just mountains. That says a lot. But the rhythm of the city agitates us and makes us think all the time about the future. We dissociate ourselves between nostalgia and the future and forget about the present. This song wants to stay in the present.” Listen below.

Clara Summerton
Clara Summerton grew up in Hjo, a pittoresque town just next to one of Sweden’s biggest lakes, Vättern. She spent her teenage years playing in bands with her siblings and going to choir practice. She was only 10 years old when she picked up her first guitar. In her late teens she moved with her family to Ven, a tiny Island on the Southern coast, and since 2019 she has been living and studying in Lund. When she was about 16 she began producing and recording songs by herself in her room, using only her computer and her electric guitar. Inspired by the versatility and vulnerability of acts like The Japanese House, The 1975 and Phoebe Bridgers, Clara’s writing and production is as precise as it is captivating. ‘Heartbreaker’ is a song written from the perspective of someone who has been looking at a relationship through rose-tinted glasses. Focusing on only the good things until it finally breaks, leaving you heartbroken, even though you know you’re better off without them. Listen below.

Memory Celle
Memory Celle is a singer-songwriter who plays a mixture of guitar, piano, and drums. She started writing in the 4th grade in Connecticut. Pop and rock, especially from the 90’s to mid 2000’s influences her sound. Artists such as Britney Spears, Garbage, PJ Harvey have been her inspiration, as well as music she danced to while taking belly dance lessons. Recenly she released her second EP called Sing! ‘Paper Doll’ is a warning message to those who mistreat girls and women. Listen below.

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