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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Jane Frances
Scottish artist Jane Frances Gilbert, blends ethereal, soulful vocals with an eclectic mix of instrumentation; taking influence from the likes of Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins and Vashti Bunyan. Jane began her music career in the early 2000’s collaborating with local Jazz/Soul and Hip Hop groups in her hometown of Edinburgh. In 2014, after a move to the South Coast, she began writing and recording her own music, releasing her self titled EP at Brightons Unitarian Church in Feb 2016. A collection of stripped back acoustic folk songs highlighting Janes vocal prowess. Jane works alongside guitarist Rowan Chapman and bass player and producer, Alex Borg. With backing musicians, Mark Jones on drums and Alfie Bernardi on slide guitar. With this mix of musical talent, comes a plethora of genre styles; from 70s Folk to ShoeGaze to Country to Vintage Pop; with songs created to appeal to a multitude of tastes. At the start of 2022, she began collaborating with Rowan and Alex on a full length album set for release in 2023 on the Worthing based label Stash Recordings. The first single; ‘The Buzz’ is inspired by 1960s pop, like that of Francois Hardy and Zouzou with a fun, swinging beat and churning psychedelic guitar riffs driving the narrative of leaving hedonistic days behind for a more peaceful and serene life. Listen below.

Su, I Think
Su, I Think is a musician and artist based in London. Their work blends dark electronica with experimental pop, balancing a poetic sensibility and emotional depth with tongue-in-cheek darkness. Their latest single is titled ‘Leave’. “‘Leave’ is a track written about being in a relationship that you know isn’t working,” says the artist. “After trying to communicate; you still can’t make it work. It’s knowing you love this person truly whilst also knowing they are having a negative effect on your life. It’s about accepting the fact that they cannot offer what your soul needs. Basically an ex was unable to hold me the way I kept telling them to. We all know how that turns out. You start looking inwards and seeing all the ugly that you were ignoring at the beginning. You start seeing how they really are; You then feel them pull away into the arms of someone else and all you can do is hold on to the idea of them.It’s best to just leave. The track was produced with close friend and collaborator: Sfven (Prev: There for you, Backseat). We wanted to focus on making quite a heavy subject sound pretty light weight and free.” Listen below.

Nia Hendricks
Nia Hendricks is single mother and pop artist from Nashville. Her new single ‘Back For More’ begins a series of releases leading up to her debut album set to be released in 2023. With lyrics like “When you say my name it feels so familiar in the sweetest way, like we were lovers in another age,” ‘Back For More’ is a nostalgic, indie pop single about the sweet and surreal feeling of finding more than a lover—but a soulmate. Listen below.

Cork-born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, LIA is taking the leap in 2023 with her debut release. After spending some time honing her craft as an artist, she is ready to let listeners into her world, where she tells it like it is. Her powerful vocals combined with her achingly relatable lyrics make for a unique and definite sound. Taking influence from the likes of Chaka Khan and Amy Winehouse, the 23 year old pop-R&B artist articulates the experiences of being in your twenties. Fans of artists such as, Olivia Dean, Holly Humberstone and Olivia Rodrigo will be sure to love LIA. ‘The One (not)’ depicts a modern-day romance gone wrong. What else can you do when you see your EX kissing someone on the dance floor other than write a pop song? LIA’s track features unapologetic lyrics, catchy melodies and passion-driven vocals. She takes her listeners on a journey to discover her self-worth post-breakup. This vibrant and relatable song was Produced by Cian Sweeney of 1000 Beasts. ‘The One (not)’ is the perfect blend of slick textured pop with an electronic production. It is the perfect example of cork creatives coming together to create a unique sound, and it won’t be the last. Listen below.

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara
The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) have released a new music video and single, ‘Hypermetamorphosis’ from their latest album Trust No Leaders. ‘Hypermetamorphosis’, explores the challenges of living with ADHD, as well as to raise awareness on the creative potential of the condition. Commenting on the meaning and motive behind their new release, the band shares, “This is a journey through the ADHD mind. Both the song and video simulate what it is like to have ADHD, both visually and audibly. It shows the chaos, and the cacophony of the ADHD experience, but also its positive sides. The stream of consciousness lyrics, dissonant melodies, and erratic rhythm and structure, recreates a sensory and cognitive experience of how the ADHD brain processes, perceives and interprets the world. The music video was created by us — and also by someone who lives with ADHD. It is a simulation of the world, experienced through the ears and eyes of someone with ADHD. The title, ‘Hypermetamorphosis’ is an old term from the 1800s, one of the many terms which was used to refer to the ADHD. Despite the negativity which has often come with understanding the condition throughout history, modern science and new therapeutic innovations have allowed us to finally come to realise this important fact: It is the very chaos and restlessness of how the ADHD mind processes information and ideas — that allows the ADHD mind to find connections and flows in a way that is inaccessible through the filter of rationality in a neurotypical brain. This is pure creativity. We hope that what we created will help people gain a deeper understanding and empathy for those who are close to someone with ADHD, whether he or she is your child, parent, partner, relative, friend, or colleague. Most importantly, we hope to inspire anyone who is struggling living with ADHD, and to help encourage them all to be fearless, in unleashing that powerful, vibrant, and immense creative energy that’s buried underneath all the chaos. You are not alone.” Listen below.

This enchanting new single from Irish sister duo CARRON explores the hardship of failed pregnancy and the taboo of discussing it. Emotive and cathartic, true to the band’s essence ‘Right Time’ was written as part of a healing process, and aims to give a voice to the pain and struggle that follows such a heartbreaking experience. Steeped in the haunting, ethereal vocals and sweeping acoustic tones that CARRON have become known for, ‘Right Time’ is a somber yet triumphant track that showcases the power of Méabh and Mella Carron’s vocals, giving depth to the music and channeling their shared heartbreak and sorrow into a devastating musical piece. The band explained, “The lyrics, ‘they say that time will heal me’ refers to the feeling of when your whole world is crashing down, you feel alone, and you believe that nobody understands what you’re going through. Then, when everybody wants to offer you advice in an effort to comfort you, all you really want is for them all to leave you alone so that you can recalibrate. This song is raw and honest in an attempt to heal the heart and soul. We use music as a powerful tool to help us cope and we write to help heal the wounds we have acquired. Producer Richey McCourt brought this song to life and it’s a bigger sound than our usual offerings, which it had to be to convey the trauma. Like ‘Lights Up’ it’s a nod towards our background performing in musicals as children.” A gorgeous release that perfectly builds on CARRON’s evocative style, ‘Right Time’ delivers a raw, honest sound that is soulful, organic, and lyrically intense. Listen below.

Rising Boston artist THOMASINA is back in the music world with her first release of 2023, ‘Baby Come Back’ out now. Speaking on the new single THOMASINA said “I woke up in the middle of the night, grabbed my guitar and the entire thing just wrote itself. When I woke up in the morning it was like someone else had written the story. Usually my songs are very personal and I draw from real events in my life, but this song was fun for me because I created a whole new character that I had never met before.”’Baby Come Back’ tells the story of wanting someone back after a breakup, and the isolation and loneliness that comes when that person leaves your life. THOMASINA hopes listeners enjoy the openness of the track and create their own interpretations of the song. “Was it a mutual break up; Did the narrator do something wrong; Did the other person do something wrong? I want the listener to choose their own story,” the 22-year-old artist said. Listen below.

Bianca Jazmine
Bianca Jazmine is an indie rock singer-songwriter with an insightful message to advocate for peace, empathy, and unity. Described as “an inspirational voice for her generation,” she hopes to encourage everyone to embrace their individuality, and use our unique personalities and ideas to help ourselves and others, and bring the world together. Jazmine’s ability to roll through testing times with grace and growth shows in her songwriting; remaining vulnerable and honest in her lyrics without victimization or resentment. ‘Colder Tonight’ is an emotive piano ballad with an indie edge. “I built this melody around a haunting piano riff that carries the listener through the story of a lingering love that’s nearing exhaustion. The song slowly burns to an explosive climax, with powerful drums and soaring vocals closing the track,” Bianca explains. Listen below.

After the moody broody releases ‘Sick Game’ and ‘Cry’ from 2022, Dansy is ready to unleash her unrelentingly groovy and upbeat new single ‘Love Lonely’. A refreshing change from the sound we have come to know, we are finally seeing a side of Dansy that has been reserved only for her closest circle. Known for her outward optimism and low-key melancholy, ‘Love Lonely’ is a perfect reflection of Dansy’s true character. The contagious grooves masking her heartwrenching lyrics give us the space to do what Dansy does best-dance, laugh, and cry about our tragic love lives. Asian-Australian artist Dansy has explored many different branches of pop so far, ranging from the pop-punk angst of ‘Cry’ and trap leaning bop ‘Letting You Go’, and is now fulfilling her destiny of giving the people what they want-unfiltered pure pop vibes. The kind of party time that Dansy emanates effortlessly. Coupled with her intricate rhymes and knack for hitting hard truths in a nonchalant way, this latest track is the Dansy we have been waiting to hear. Co-written with incredible writer and producer Dan Roughley, ‘Love Lonely’ is laden with gently layered harmonies, dense verses, and chaotic voice note samples. Like Dansy’s personality, ‘Love Lonely’ is a crazy party vibe coupled with thinly veiled sadness. With grooves inspired by Dua Lipa, and cutesy hooks like that of Meghan Trainor, ‘Love Lonely’ is an undeniable good time. Listen below.

Lea Hakesberg (DK) cuts right to the bone with her honest lyrics and with her new solo project, Hakes, she draws attention to the hard times in life on her first music release. In 2017, she was chosen to be a part of DR and Bandakademiets (The Band Academy) talent project ‘KarriereKanonen’ (Career Canon) and after a well-reviewed debut concert at SPOT Festival her future looked bright. Her career was however put on hold when she suddenly lost her father. The last couple of years have been spent learning to live with grief and the ever-present risk of loss and in that process, Hakes was created. The music balances between a vulnerable high-pitch vocal and a dance inspired production. The single ‘Whiteout is the first release from her coming debut EP, which is planned to be released start September. “‘Whiteout’ is a song about grief and how loss can create a feeling of being trapped in a blizzard with no sense of direction. Sometimes all you want is to be able to call the one you’ve lost. The music is inspired by artists such as Kaytranada, Erika de Casier and Sade and creates a mood where it’s allowed to both dance and cry,” she explains. With her upcoming self-published debut EP Lea Hakesberg tries to reclaim a feeling of being in control – both when it comes to her life, but most definitely also when it comes to her songs. Listen to ‘Whiteout’ below.

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