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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Raylee Forest
Raylee Forest has released her highly-anticipated new single ‘Puppetry’. Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Isha Erskine, ‘Puppetry’ delivers a haunting instrumentation that perfectly complements the song’s powerful and thought-provoking lyricism. ‘Puppetry’ is a theater show in one song. It brings us a dark and dramatic experience that is full of unexpected twists and turns It speaks to the manipulation we experience as puppets by the unspoken rules of society. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the scene, with lines such as “Every scene is designed, when to please, what to speak, follow the script line by line is all I need.” The chorus echoes the idea of being a puppet, with the lines “Stand up, sit down, now move your hips and turn around, put me on the stage and the show begins, the more I resist, the tighter the string.”As the song progresses, the lyrics urge listeners to question whether the applause they receive is genuine, with lines like “Look at all these people, they are laughing and clapping, do they really mean it?” Ultimately, ‘Puppetry’ is a commentary on the struggle to break free from societal expectations and the desire to be genuine and authentic. Raylee Forest’s captivating voice is a perfect match for the song’s message, and the addition of Isha Erskine’s production elevates the track to new heights. Listen below.

Kimaya Diggs
Musician Kimaya Diggs navigates her world with stories. Penning her first one-woman show as a little kid, she’s published fiction, earned a Callaloo fellowship for poetry, and works days as a speechwriter. “I’ve always thought of my writing and music as one thing—connective storytelling,” Diggs explains. But while her mother was sick with a twelve-year illness, Diggs felt unable to share the whole truth. Her first LP, 2018’s Breastfed, was largely about her mom, but it wasn’t until her passing that Diggs was free to use songwriting to process. “Sharing my grieving experience has resonated with people; they’re excited to hear something that’s not all good,” notes Diggs. To help cope, Diggs and her husband Jacob Rosazza—also her musical collaborator—rescued an ex-racing dog, Quincy. Though they shared only two years together, caring for the traumatized animal helped Diggs find purpose. “Having him was challenging, but at the same time, he’s why we survived the first year without my mom,” offers Diggs. “It was special to get to love a creature so much—because of, in spite of, and in addition to the challenges he came with.” Losing Quincy gave her greater insight on heartache, so she named her newest album after him. Listen to one of the album standouts ‘I Hafta Try’ below. “I wrote this song on ukulele literally lying under my bed, sent there by a seasonal depression spiral,” says Kimaya. “At the time, I felt like such a burden on my family and friends, and like I was asking so much and giving so little. I was working three jobs I hated, still had no money, plus a couple thousand dollars of medical debt. My cup was empty. It was humbling to have to rely on the people around me to keep me afloat, and this song is a little love letter to the folks who had my back through a tough time — especially my partner and my roommates.”

Jessica Woodlee
Jessica Woodlee is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and arranger who has amassed a major reputation with her bold approach to pop. As a child Jessica had constant exposure to the greats; Ella Fitzgerald, Carole King, Clapton, Muddy Waters and Hendrix. At that time she had just begun playing guitar, piano, bass and violin. Propelled by her high emotional sensitivity, Jessica soon began writing her own music, leaning on modern pop writers to show her the way. This path of wide-eyed wonder and self-discovery led her to many of her current inspirations, such as Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, Alessia Cara and Maggie Rogers. Along the way Jessica has also added arranging, and production to her arsenal of musical expertise. Jessica combined her love of blues and jazz harmony with catchy pop lyrics and melodies to solidify her sound on her debut EP Karma released in 2017. New single ‘By Now’ is hot on the heels of previous release ‘T.O.M.L.’, a bittersweet pop-rock teen angst anthem. Listen below.

Bangbang are a London-based duo. Singer-songwriter Criz was born in the Philippines and grew up on the Sunny coast, Australia. RFK is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter from the South of Britain. They met dancing in a club in Hackney, London, became inseparable and began making experimental pop music together. The duo are releasing a single every 6 weeks this year and have found themselves with a boutique indie label – Stratford Ct via Bandcamp. New single ‘Without You’ is a love song to London. The city they currently call home. “There’s an energy here that’s felt – a place where everything and anything is possible,” they say. Listen below.

Guilty Party
Formed at the turn of 2023, Guilty Party (Jen, Dan, Ceris and Ty) put their weekend playbook to music; crunchy walls of sound, crispy sweet melodies, air guitar layered on millennium pop. Like your mate’s old fake ID, they’re rough round the edges with good intentions – to get the beers in and make a night of it. Slice of life lyrics take you back to losing your friends, finding them and forgetting it happened, while cranked distortion and gang vocals test your memories of Ibiza deep cuts, 2 for 1s at Bargain booze and crashing the rich kids house party. Heading up their first batch of songs recorded with producer Gethin Pearson (Crystal Fighters, Happydaze, Badly Drawn Boy), Guilty Party set their sights on a year of celebration rock with their debut single. ‘Lemonade’ follows two would bes on a night that could be, endless pre-drinks, come ups, comedowns and middle ground. Big riffs for when you’re joined at the hip and a scratchy phone call when you’re adrift in the chaos. You can get lost, found and hit the floor, but you’ll wake up in good company – maybe with something to sip on for the hangover. Listen below.

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