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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Martha Dark
Belfast born and raised producer/artist Martha Dark announces her debut release with the single, ‘Indifference Is Reckless’. The proud Irish artist, currently based in London, chose Saint Patrick’s Day as the moment to reveal her first single – an epic voyage of a track that will leave listeners anything but indifferent. True to her name, Martha intuitively creates songs with simultaneous dark and light qualities; preserving this delicate balance by fusing harmonic layers and abrupt changes with sometimes eerie backing vocals set amongst layers of upbeat arpeggiated synths. Sweeping and expansive, the single is moodily atmospheric yet ultimately optimistic; taking the listener on a genre-bending journey that spans the breadth of Electronica, Nu Jazz, IDM and Progressive Breakbeat. The experimental and futuristic sound blends melodic synth hooks with deep sub bass and orchestral violins culminating in the final euphoric crescendo courtesy of the song’s guest Saxophonist, Max Riley Gould. This rhythmic and avant-garde debut track daringly crosses boundaries, unabashedly refusing to conform to a standard song structure or a single genre. The track’s concept originated in an earlier song written in the aftermath of an abusive relationship with the central lyric: ‘Indifference Is Reckless.’ Martha re-wrote the song instrumentally and electronically, transforming the track’s original premise, and revealing a triumphant ending beyond the careless effects of reckless indifference. Listen below.

Jael unveils her first single of the year, ‘Don’t Hide’, via Anomali Records. The track, written by Jael and produced by David Thomas, follows the journey that one has to take to discover their true self, amidst the chaos and confusion of life. Drawing on her Nigerian roots, Jael utilises powerful Yoruba words and positive affirmations with contagious beats to bring to the light what is hidden. ‘Don’t Hide’ combines ambient vocals with uplifting lyrics to deliver an Afro-Soul/Afro-R&B anthem. About the song, Jael said, “I really feel that this is a sonic awakening for me. This song is so much more than just vocals and vibes — it’s prayer and good vibes — a coming-together of Spiritualism and relationship with God. This is a song about the journey that is ‘self-discovery’. We allow life to twist and turn us about and knock us down, and we don’t always know how to continue… I want people to know that it’s okay to be yourself and that when you find people who embrace you for you, you don’t need to run from them because God is Love.” Listen below.

Sona Koloyan
After two DIY releases and years of playing in various bands and ensembles around south London, Sona Koloyan is finally carving out a space for her own name with support from the Arts Council and Help Musicians UK. Recorded at Zig Zag Studios with Harri Chambers, her upcoming release, Speaking Stones, is a 5-track EP exploring the isolation and yearning of belonging as a Diasporan. These themes permeate through all areas of life, including relationships, body image, and self-empowerment. The EP ebbs and flows amidst delicate orchestral arrangements of the first single, ‘In The Air’, and the louder sonic confessions of ‘Under My Own Gaze’, culminating in a re-harmonised explosion of a cover of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, turning the lyrics on its head and shining a new light on the original lyrics. A contrast to her earlier DIY and minimal works, Speaking Stones is her first professionally recorded body of work, with the large instrumental ensemble reflecting her classical background. The EP embodies her hands-on experience with Western classical music, love for discovering folk ensemble music of all cultures, and the classic rock bands her parent sencouraged her to listen to from a young age. Out fully on September 23, Speaking Stones is named after the prehistoric stone circle from her home country, Armenia, where legend has it that if the wind blows in a specific direction through the meticulously carved holes, the stones themselves “sing”. The name is an homage and token of gratitude to her greatest inspiration – herhome and the preservation of a culture in peril. Listen to ‘In The Air’ below.

Flames of Durga
Identical twin sisters Béah and Cecilia Romero founded Flames Of Durga, a rock n’ roll trio known for electrifying live performances that include backbends, harmonies, driving riffs, thunderous drums and femme-powered howls. Surviving a near-death car crash, the Romero sisters named the band after Durga, the fire goddess from Hindu mythology who embodies fierce feminine power. Their self-titled debut album, produced by Dave Catching and recorded at Rancho de la Luna, features their latest single ‘Alpha Woman’ and is out now. Flames Of Durga is more than just a compilation of 10 songs that fuse desert rock, metal and punk. Béah and Cecilia use their vocals and lyrics to inspire themes of female empowerment, personal growth, and emerging from the darkness. Heavy riffs, powerful lyrics, and melodic singing showcase the sisters’ strong musical chemistry, along with Nate Million’s thunderous drumming, this LP packs a sonic punch. Listen to ‘Alpha Woman’ below.

Abigail Fierce
Abigail Fierce is an LGBT singer-songwriter/actress living in LA. She loves to write songs alone at 4am. Abigail plays all of the instruments on her own tracks, except drums. Although many who have interviewed Abigail describe her as “wise beyond her years”, it’s Abigail’s gen z relatability that makes tracks like ‘Girl in the Mirror’ so popular. Her latest release ‘I Just Wanna Feel Okay Again’ is a comforting singer-songwriter piece that feels less like a song, and more like medicine for the soul. With Abigail Fierce’s usual mix of poetic lyrics and beautiful honey-toned vocals, the song does not disappoint. “I wrote this song about a time in my life when anxiety had set up camp in my stomach and chest until I felt I had become a shell of a person,” explains Abigail. “I often thought it’s too much to want to be happy, I just wanna feel okay again. I think anyone who has experienced any kind of anxiety/depression can relate to this song. I really wanted to keep the production simple with acoustic guitar and some strings to heighten the melancholy aspect.” Listen below.

Simone Tang
Simone Tang has released her new single ‘Feelings’.Whilst taking a break from releasing music, Tang is now ready with her take on 2023’s hit. A song written about the pathetic things you do, when you’ve had your heart broken. “Yeah, I drank too much yesterday, while I was lying at your doormat, so sad…”With a distinctive use of big quirky choir arrangements, 70’s sounding drums, combined with catchy melodies on top of a crisp guitar and organ, she presents to you ‘Feelings’. Listen below.

Sydney Miller
Sydney Miller is back in 2023 to share new music after releasing her debut EP The Inside at the start of last year. This year, she is to reveal a new side of herself; starting with the release of her intriguing single ‘Behind Closed Doors’. Listeners will immediately notice the myriad of door sounds which suitably resemble the title of the release. These sonic textures cohesively blend together to exhibit an enigmatically tight-knit array of rhythms and melodies; whilst still linking to Sydney Miller’s unique pop and electronic sound. Unlike her discography to date, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ takes a swift entrance into an epic ballad. Marking the beginning of a journey to break free from self-inflicted oppression, it is emotionally provoking and sensitive, whilst still reminiscent of the vibrant and effervescent production present in her earlier work. She says, “This song started from a university project I made in 2018. It had roughly 20 vocal lines, a recording of me patting my leg to the beat, and that was it. No processing, just raw audio stacked on top of each other. It was before I really had confidence in production, which is why there is such a strong focus on the (very minimal) lyrics and vocals, and a lack of any structure that resembles typical pop format. It was always an important piece for me to come back to one day and amend; it felt like such a triumphant accomplishment for me to write something with such a hopeful undertone. I tried for many years to come back to it! It wasn’t until after I released my EP last year that I finally felt like I was ready to make it into what it is today. That being said though,I definitely don’t think that when I made it at the time I would have envisioned myself adding a whole orchestra of door sounds to it!” Listen below.

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