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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Medea is a dark and dramatic alternative rock band born in 1999. So far, there are three well-received albums of original music, and now the band has reconvened to create more sultry compositions, colored by recent national and personal tragedies, and flavored by the ever-present feeling that time is growing short. They have just released their new single ‘The Visit’. ‘The Visit’ is told from the point of view of someone who’s passed away and returned to tell his loved ones he’s actually doing okay. The song began as Grammy-winner Patrick Robinson’s acoustic guitar idea and, before vocalist/lyricist Irene Lambrou came up with the concept and words, it was called simply ‘Capo 4th fret.’ Tony Winkler, Rich Curtis & James Farrell completed the vision with their brilliant playing; Matt Muir performed his recording and mixing magic; Grammy-winner Ryan Schwabe mastered it. Listen below.

Last Planet
Dark, modern alt-rock, ‘Whiskey Breath,’ the second in a series of 2023 singles from Oakland-based Last Planet, captures their signature soulful yet gritty sound, more than any song to date. The melodic, trance-inducing vocals seductively draw you into a dazed night out on the town. The pulsating wobble bass drives the groove, while the lead guitar and saxophone intensify the whiskey haze. The lyrics slyly hint at the sinister side of nightlife and the chaotic bridge portends the shame and self-contempt of the next day’s hangover. ‘Whiskey Breath’ foreshadows Last Planet’s forthcoming 2023 singles that will captivate listeners with soulful vocals and atmospheric sounds supported by intricate and edgier groove and melodic, relatable lyrics. Listen below.

The Band Cope
The Band Cope are based out of San Diego, and have just released their new single ‘Georgia’. Their style is queer indie/alternative with elements of grunge/punk. The band is made up of Ellie who plays guitar and sings, Bill on bass and Marc on drums. “‘Georgia’ is softer than our previous releases, and we are excited that we refined our sound by adding more transparency and depth with this song” explains Ellie. ‘Georgia’ is taken from an upcoming EP the band have planned to release at the end of May. Listen below.

Future-pop duo Dreamphone return this spring with their latest song ‘Suez’. Featuring a sharp verse from Chicago talent F.A.B.L.E, ‘Suez’ dispenses with the downtempo sound of earlier releases, veering instead into the realm of hyperpop and glitch music. Seb Zel’s dark, propulsive production casts a new light on Hattie Simon’s crystalline vocals, pushing a characteristically melodic hook to its breaking point. Dreamphone is an indie dreamwave duo project by vocalist Hattie Simon and producer Seb Zel, swimming between worlds of lush orchestration, ethereal vocals, textured soundscapes, and poignant lyrics. Driven by radical shifts in texture and dynamics, their music reveals influences ranging from Sufjan Stevens, James Blake, and beyond. Listen to ‘Suez’ below.

KATERINA is a 20 year old artist from Crete, Greece who recently moved to Scotland to study Commercial Music at the University of the West of Scotland. At the end of 2022 she released her first ever single ‘They’re trying to sell my books’. New single ‘Ballad of a Hollywood Dreamer’ is a dream like and nonchalant song about someone who wants to be an actor and move to Hollywood. “its a song about living out your own narrative while also being aware about how you are being perceived because of it,” says Katerina. “It’s a song about walking inside a TV screen and living inside a movie forever hahaha. I love blending reality and fiction together.” Listen below.

Check out more of our recent submissions via the playlist below.

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