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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Jenna Kearns
‘Better’ is the latest single from disabled Welsh singer-songwriter Jenna Kearns. Co-written with hotly tipped singer-songwriter Joe Dolman and produced by Elliot Vaughan ‘Better’ is about feeling worthless, and how nothing hurts more than trying your best and still not feeling good enough. It was during lockdown where ‘Better’ was written at her lowest. ‘Better’ is a heart wrenching indie pop ballad and gives the listener a deep personal insight into her life; centered around a profoundly dark time with her own mental health. Jenna cries out ‘Would I be better, Better when I’m Someone else’ talking about how she felt as though she was not good enough, and that she needed to be someone else to be accepted. Speaking about the track Jenna says, “This song is about a compilation of situations, relationships that inevitably broke me, no matter what I tried to do I did not feel worthy and that I would never live to make myself happy – but rather please others. This song to me represents an emotion that I still battle with every day, but by sharing my story I hope others can know they aren’t alone.” Listen below.

Venus In Arms
Venus In Arms is the solo passion project of Olivia (Breakdown Valentine/Moon Museum). Olivia (she/her) is a San Francisco, CA native who’s always been drawn to the expression of self and emotions. From the tender age of 3, she would be found dancing around the house in costume and singing to whatever Top 40 hit was blasting on MTV. Her music tastes varied growing up, as her artist mother loved pop hits by The Beatles and Madonna while her father opted for the likes of Pink Floyd. Most of the material from Venus In Arms is about her continued self-discovery and expression, and is self written, recorded, and produced. Her new single is called ‘Fantasy’. “This song has been two years in the making,” explains Olivia. “The foundation of the song wrote itself pretty quickly–the guitars, melody, lyrics all came together in one night. But this song didn’t seem like one that was ready to go after the first round. I let it sit for a while and layered on parts over time. I love songs that are cinematic or have a character and layers of emotions. I wanted to try and create something that was in that vein. I actually sang a lyric in Korean in the second verse. Coming into my own and accepting myself fully is something I started working on in the last few years and I’m proud of my multi-ethnic background. I went to mix the song with Beau and working with him enhanced the vision I had for the song. He has some amazing analog gear and brought the song a warmth I couldn’t create in my home studio. The meaning of this song morphs as often as the characters in the music video and so I can’t say it means one thing for me. It definitely stemmed from a particular feeling, but I really want the listener to be able to define what this song means for themselves.” Listen below.

annie on the run
annie on the run is a Ukrainian British, LGBT artist. She has been doing everything DIY and released her debut EP a few months ago called The Summer is Dead. The EP is a journey in all the trauma that made her who she is. “I suffer greatly with my mental health and believe my song-writing is a symptom of that,” says annie. “I don’t seem to be able to interpret my mental state unless it’s through song. I didn’t know what this EP was about until it came together. It’s about the end of things, the end of sacrificial love and putting yourself second for another person and never seeing that returned. The track ‘Thunderstorm’ is about rising from a lifetime of trauma and abuse, and the process of reclaiming your true self using nature as the catalyst for female rage.” Listen to ‘Thunderstorm’ below.

Hazel Mills
The music of Bristol’s Hazel Mills is at once elemental and strongly sensual. Woven directly into the enchanting vocal delivery and sonic atmosphere she creates, Mills unifies the forces of nature with the synthetic. Following an ongoing long-term tenure as keyboardist/backing vocalist for Goldfrapp and Florence + The Machine, Hazel has turned her attention to a new collection of songs, realised in collaboration with producer / engineer TJ Allen (Portishead, Bat For Lashes, Hannah Peel). In this 4-track EP, Hazel crystallises the pop songwriting of The Eurythmics and Kate Bush with the experimentation and found sound of Steve Reich and Delia Derbyshire, absorbing the soundscapes of Ryuichi Sakamoto along the way. “The battle of nature vs modernity is ever present, and I’m largely drawn to the tactile and the dramatic of both sides of the coin,” says Mills. “Perhaps my eco-anxiety also just wants to find a way to unite them”. The sounds of whirling water, clinking metal, knocking wood and characterful analog synths permeate the sonic world that Mills distils. This coupled with urban-tinged beats and eerily half-comprehendible vocal samples creates the perfect backdrop for these vulnerable yet empowering songs. Title track ’The Embrace’ is a celebration of the curiosity of a child’s mind and an invitation to let go of inhibitions, just for a few minutes. “The message of the song is from my child self to my adult self (and partly to my sister, who I thought about a lot while writing the song, and our time growing up together),” she says. Listen below.

Sexy, buttery soul/RnB vocals on an electronic funk infused jam, Kaiya introduces us to her newly born house-inspired side on her new single ‘This Time’. Showcasing her soulful vocals with funky bass, groovy drums and lush synths produced by Tentendo, Kaiya teams up with Adrian Dzvuke to tell an honest story of love. A feel-good track full of magic moments, perfect for dance-floors and balmy nights. ‘This Time’ is a catchy, upbeat track that showcases the versatility of Kaiya’s incredible talent, Kaiya’s mesmerizing vocals take center stage in the song, captivating listeners with their depth and emotion. Her soulful and powerful delivery infuses each word with passion and intensity, showcasing her impressive range and versatility as a vocalist. With every note, Kaiya effortlessly transitions between soft, delicate melodies and soaring, powerful crescendos, leaving listeners spellbound and yearning for more. Tentendo’s innovative production serves as the perfect backdrop for Kaiya’s vocals, seamlessly blending funk-house and RnB to create a mesmerizing sonic landscape. The signature smoothness of Kaiya’s sound is still present, effortlessly blending with Tentendo’s production to create a track that is both soothing and energizing, making it impossible to resist moving to the beat. Listen below.

Samantha Ebert
Samantha Ebert is from Ottawa, Canada and writes storytelling songs. She started writing songs in 2015, fell in love with the craft and shared them with only friends and family. She taught herself to play guitar and grew up singing in church which is how she discovered her love for music. She writes about love, heartbreak, growing up, change and Jesus. Her latest single is called ‘Denim’. “I wrote this song to remind others that their jean size doesn’t define their worth,” says Samantha. “All my junior high years I struggled with body image and that’s where the inspiration came from. The song dives into what I would have told my younger self after learning that true beauty is so much deeper than your outward appearance. Feel of the song – Simple, innocent, sentimental, love.” Listen below.

Paris Brooke
Paris Brooke was born in the pacific northwest, growing up singing and songwriting with a family of musicians. After high school, she moved to LA to pursue a career in music full time. She writes and produces alongside her husband, who is also a songwriter and producer, and together they bring a unique sound with her background in pop and gospel, and his in EDM and house music. She loves to write music that is true to her life experiences, but is also easy to relate and grasp onto. She loves writing pop melodies over r&b and neo soul progressions. Her new single is called ‘Sting’. “‘Sting’ was a song I wrote about a first relationship of mine, in the part of the relationship when I realized it wasn’t healthy but couldn’t let go yet,” says Paris. “I wanted to write about the pang that hits your chest when your significant other does something that hurts you, but you choose to stay anyway. The song is an honest confession of how we return to the things that hurt us because they’re also a place we find comfort and security. My friend Jarrod Allen came in to finish writing the song, and what was a single perspective lament on heartbreak became a duet on both parties in the relationship finding solace in the pain and dysfunction.” Listen below.

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