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Here we will be sharing the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

Lefturn – ‘Animal Style’

Molly Ann Brook, better known as Lefturn, is a queer UK-based alternative pop artist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and lyricist. Lefturn returns this month with a seductive new single ‘Animal Style’. The alluring new single flaunts Lefturn’s signature brooding sound with a groove-infused bassline and intense vocals.

JZ – ‘Toxic Love’

JZ’s cool pop offering ’Toxic Love’ is taken from JZ’s recently released EP Seasons of the Streets. ‘Toxic Love’ encompasses the main theme of toxic relationships that runs throughout the debut EP.

Priscilla Nwachi – ‘Just Like You’

British-Nigerian artist Priscilla Nwachi is here with new Gospel Amapiano track ‘Just Like You’. Wanting to be the breath of fresh air to the nation by changing the voice and face of gospel, Priscilla is certainly a visionary in the new release. A Scouser with an Igbo heritage that now lives in Northamptonshire, Priscilla’s exceptional aura is diverse.

Tuvaband – ‘Rejuvenate’

Tuvaband is the wildly eclectic brainchild of fearless songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser. With her debut album on the way, Tuvaband has recently unveiled the hypnotic opening track ‘Rejuvenate’.

Gemma Danielle – ‘Hearts Devotion’

Nottingham based artist and songwriter Gemma Danielle reveals exceptional single ‘Hearts Devotion’. The single is the title track to her soon to be released debut, and it infuses electronic pop with a jazz-ballad front.

XATIVA – ‘You’re A Mistake’

London based Swedish-Ecuadorian singer-songwriter XATIVA announces her first single and video release in two years ‘You’re A Mistake’.

Teagan Johnston – ‘Get Out Of Town’

Teagan Johnston returns with her full length-record Sentimental Ballad. The debut album is a raw expression of heartache through minimalistic piano and lyrically driven songs. The 12 track offering includes her new single ‘Get Out Of Town’ which arrives with a dreamy music video lit by the glow of a city at night, perfectly capturing the hazy mood of the track.

Katana – ‘Diary Entry’

Born in Hong Kong, and based in Vancouver. Katana is a singer-songwriter and producer in the electro/alternative/art pop world of music. She likes to describe her music as a beautiful cocktail of all the genres she loves. Now Katana unveils her latest soulful single ‘Diary Entry’. The edgy R&B tinged track is an authentic offering, featuring words taken straight from Katana’s own diary.


R&B songwriter and vocalist MODLEE returns with infectious new single ‘SOUL URGE’, the title track from her newly released album. With roots in Quebec and Jamaica, and having often travelled between Quebec and the United States, MODLEE has been greatly influenced by jazz, soul, R&B, gospel and reggae, all of which are captured within her unique sound.

Ellen Arthur Blyth – ‘God Knows’

Ellen Arthur Blyth has unveiled her debut album Nine. The collection of tracks includes brand new offering ‘God Knows’. The deeply personal track encompasses the heartfelt songwriting that the album is all about.

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