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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Michelle Sutton
Sydney-based singer-songwriter Michelle Sutton continues to keep people on their toes with her honest, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and playful melodies. ‘Reliable Witness’ draws on alternative pop-rock and skilful storytelling to deliver a powerful anthem of empowerment. ‘Reliable Witness’ was written about a situation where her character was called into question and her reputation tarnished despite the evidence of her kind and honest nature. The experience reminded her of the misogynistic practice in a courtroom where before a woman can testify she must first be found to be a reliable witness, of sound moral character and mind, able to recount facts about her own life before she can be taken seriously. Michelle first wrote the song as an acoustic guitar track in late 2019. The track was then produced by and co-written with Ingrid Oram in late 2022, continuing a playful and adventurous collaboration that has resulted in indie rock predecessor ‘Gutless Wonder’ and defiantly joyful pop track ‘Jesus Loves Fat Girls Too’ both recorded and released in 2022. Michelle says, “This song came from one of the saddest most heartbreaking experiences of my life, where people that had known me for years decided to discredit my character and ruin my reputation. I decided to reclaim the narrative and the truth by writing this song and exposing their hypocrisy and misogyny.” Listen below.

Anna Pancaldi
Anna Pancaldi returns with her brand new single, ‘Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left’. 2023 marks an epoch with Anna’s soulful, timeless, thought-provoking and affecting vocals and song evolving into a new chapter showcasing her honeyed vocals blended with her unique affecting, honest and emotive melodies. “‘Where Do I Lay All The Love I Have Left’ speaks of a gentle unravelling of the heart and the revelation of rediscovering the desire to know love once more, to be loved and to love. To be loved is one of life’s greatest gifts. What a sadness to not know it well, for the sake of attempting to protect oneself from surmised hurt,” explains Anna. Listen below.

After ten long years in the making, New Brunswick indie folk singer CARLENE (Carly Maicher) is sharing the release of her full length album, Looking Out My Window. Shaped by the misty winds of a solitary coastal existence, CARLENE is a rising folk musician stationed on the lonely shores of Grand Manan Island, NB. A defiant recluse out of necessity more so than choice, her milling thoughts are transformed into melancholic tunes of observation, tragedy and self-reflection. Her sound captures the intricacies of complex human emotion and relationships, and relates the physical landscapes to her inner experience of isolation. Looking Out My Window is a collection of 9 Folk/Americana style songs, and was recorded with fellow New Brunswicker Mike Trask. You can listen to focus track ‘Things Unknown’ below. “I wrote ‘Things Unknown’ while contemplating all of the things we can’t see, including the inner world of others – while looking out my window at the sea during a windstorm,” explains CARLENE. “I was observing the undeniable forces of nature in this fierce and beautiful place, all whilst relating it to myself and my own inner world, and coming to realize how many things we can not explain or begin to understand.”

Meredith Marcum, stage name Mer, is an NYC-based singer-songwriter originally from Waco, TX. Her sound is inspired by the musicians of her childhood including Fleetwood Mac and Norah Jones, but sculpted by the popular music of her generation which has resulted in an evolved indie pop sound similar to that of Eloise or Dijon. Her lastest release and debut EP, So, Change, explores the process of growth in new seasons of life. Intimate lyrics and luscious harmonies are staples in Mer’s music, sharpened by skilled production and smart scoring. Her new song ‘When I’m Alone’ is out now. “This is the first piece off my new project that will explore loneliness and regression and I think the style and production really captures these feelings,” says Mer. Listen below.

Jorja B
Jorja B releases her second single of the year, ‘Hate U Now’. This upbeat pop rock track is the perfect headbanger for the brokenhearted and the hilariously bitter. Grungy guitar, intense drums and hard-hitting synths blend to create this catchy rock melody. Put simply, ‘Hate U Now’ explores a harsh reality for a lot of single people; what it’s like to hate your ex. Touching on themes like heartbreak, betrayal and anger, ‘Hate U Now’ takes you on an empowering wave of emotional freedom, while poking fun at the classic heartbroken hot mess stereotype. She says, “Break ups never feel good. I wanted to capture the authentic anger associated with grieving in one pop punk banger that everyone can relate to.” Jorja’s love for music began with a cheap kid’s guitar and a few YouTube tutorials. What started as a collection of half-finished verses and the same four recycled chords has now blossomed into a promising career for the Brisbane-based singer-songwriter. Listen to ‘Hate U Now’ below.

Rising pop artist Precious is excited to share her new single, ‘Her Spell’ from her highly anticipated summer EP Babe, Come Outside, which dropped on May 13. ‘Her Spell’ is an electrifying sapphic pop anthem, intended to captivate listeners with its runway-worthy fierceness and bring them to tap into their own sensual power. With her bubbly aesthetic and early 2000’s influences, Precious brings a fresh and dreamy vibe to the queer pop music scene.

Check out more of our recent submissions via the playlist below!

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