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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Sheri Streeter
Post-folk songwriter Sheri Streeter laid claim to their place in the Louisville music scene with evocative narratives, forthright lyrics, and revealing vocals. Their debut full-length That Shadow Too Am I examines the desire for connection and vulnerability while confronting misogyny and a queer identity. Listen to the single ‘Broken Doll’ from the album below. “I wrote ‘Broken Doll’ after spending four days at rock shows and festivals,” Sheri says. “I wanted to capture the playfulness and immaturity of an irreparable, damaged relationship through its inability and unwillingness for vulnerability and reciprocity.”

Taegen is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA. She has been writing and composing her own music since she was around 16 but just recently got serious about it in the last few years. ‘Not Safe’ is the first single off of her upcoming EP, Out of Your League, and it is about a party that got out of hand. Based on true events, this song serves as a warning to boys who use and abuse the power they have over others. Listen below.

Claire Littley
After her last release in February, Claire Littley returns with her latest single ‘Running Back’. Claire says she “wanted to challenge” herself with something a little different to her first releases and simply have some fun with her music; “songwriting is all so new for me, so why not??” So she set about writing her first Soulful House track. Claire’s honey-smooth warm vocals glide effortlessly over a subtly disco influenced bass groove, ambient synths and sexy saxophone riffs, creating a soulful chilled-out vibe, which is of course her signature style. ‘Running Back’ is a super cool summertime Soulful House track best served chilled. Listen below.

Giulia Scarantino heads back to the studio to work on her new project: D’Addio. After many years in her band Shirley Said, she now takes her own path. Love, authenticity and no sense of belonging took her to new imaginary lands, where there are no borders and no shame for being vulnerable. D’Addio is a goodbye and a welcome to all the infinite possible new-selves that are yet to come. ‘A Separation’ is her debut single and is her ‘hello’ to the world, no longer as the “‘Girl in a Band’ and it feels good” – she says. ‘A Separation’ is a personal reflection on what ‘feeling at home’ means, as a human condition. “The way I see ‘home’ has changed a lot for me over the last ten years. I am learning how to cope with constant precariousness as opposed to the protective culture I grew up in. ‘Being home’ has to do with relationships and when relationships end, we face the grief of a separation which opens up to millions of new possibilities that are yet to be explored, a bit like when we leave our countries looking for a different future. It has a positive connotation without denying that nostalgic feeling towards the things we’ve lost.” Listen below.

Natalie Rogers
Natalie Rogers, a singer, bassist, pianist, and drummer from Pittsburgh, PA, has released her new single, ‘Full Body’. ‘Full Body’ is a quirky, spunky song that details the appreciation of a good, thick beard, highly inspired by Natalie’s husband’s facial hair. A bedroom pop, groovy track with flavors of funk, ‘Full Body’ was the singer’s first attempt at producing a song. She solely wrote, recorded, performed, produced, and edited the song at the start of 2020’s quarantine. James Shannon performs electric guitar on the track, and the song is mixed and mastered by Drew Bayura. Though this is her first release in seven years, Natalie is no stranger to the Pittsburgh music scene. Starting in 2017, Natalie began working at Howl at the Moon Pittsburgh where she expanded her skills as a musician. Since 2019, she has been freelancing and is currently a part of four bands, including Good Karma Band Pittsburgh and acoustic duo Paul Mac N’at. Most recently, she performed at the 2022 SXSW Festival with local Pittsburgh band, Ferdinand the Bull. Natalie is in the process of writing, recording, and producing more songs and hopes to release more music soon. Listen to ‘Full Body’ below.

Violet Highway
Violet Highway is a three piece who play a fiery blend of Blues, Pop, and Rock. Their sound is anything but predictable – think grooving bass lines, drum splashes in all the right places, dirty guitar squeals, and room-tearing vocals. Unashamed of their pop ties, the band combines their broodiness with harmonies and catchy riffs ensured to get their audience moving. The balance between heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics, and on-stage, sibling-esque banter, reflects the nature of their songs: to feel it all then laugh it off. Tick tock tick tock … Are you sick of waiting? We sure are! ‘Sick of Waiting’ is a covid baby – born at a time when Violet Highway were pining for the good ol’ days of live performances. While originally written to encapsulate the uncertainties and frustrations often felt early in a relationship, the end-result doubles as a release of the pent-up energy felt by the band members, and shared with musicians and gig-goers across the globe. Teaming up with Auckland’s newest recording outfit, Scallywag Records, ‘Sick of Waiting’ was recorded as part of a non-profit project called “The Live Rooms”. The live nature of the recording helps to capture the on-stage energy that we have all been missing during the pandemic, without sacrificing the audio quality, thanks to top-notch recording and mixing from Scallywag Records. Listen below.

Ellie Byers
Ellie Byers’ new single ‘Back Around’, is a Pop/R&B tale of relationship woes. Ellie Byers aims to connect with the broken hearted and those newly in love in equal measure with her debut EP Too Far Gone, which is set to release later this year. “I wrote ‘Back Around’ with the featured artist singer-songwriter Syon. Its a pop-centric duet with R&B undertones about a couple struggling to make it work. Ultimately they know what they have is special, so no matter how many times they call it quits, they always end up back together.” Listen below.

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