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Capitalizing on incredible momentum, St. Louis’s hottest new voice Big Boss Vette serves up a brand new song ‘Ion Need’ and adds ‘Karma’ to all streaming platforms via Beatstaz/Amigo Records/Republic Records. The punchy ‘Ion Need’ hinges on bass-y piano and a glitchy beat as sirens wail. Without apology, Vette proclaims, “I’m a motherfucking P.I.M.P.” while asserting she doesn’t need a man for anything. In the commanding music video, prospects line up for a job interview to be Vette’s romantic interest and like the boss that she is, she denies them one by one.

Memphis rapper A.R. The Mermaid is making waves in the music industry with her infectious personality, unique vision, and undeniable talent. Her latest offering, ‘Sneaky Link,’ showcases her prowess as an artist and marks her highly anticipated debut under the renowned label, 300 Entertainment. With an accompanying music video that brings the lyrics to life, A.R. The Mermaid is ready to captivate audiences with her colorful and captivating presence. ‘Sneaky Link’ introduces itself with a distinctive blend of quirky whistling and a bouncing bass line, complemented by sizzling hi-hats. Against this vibrant backdrop, A.R. The Mermaid delivers hilarious and relatable bars, expressing her frustration with a partner who can’t keep a secret. Her lyrics resonate with listeners who have experienced similar situations, adding a touch of humor to the track’s infectious energy. The accompanying music video takes viewers on a visual journey, effectively translating the song’s essence into captivating visuals. A.R. The Mermaid is depicted navigating a precarious situation as she sneaks out of a mid-morning encounter, narrowly avoiding detection. Her outsized energy practically leaps off the screen, drawing viewers into her world. Each set piece showcases her quirky fashion sense and scorching style, further enhancing the video’s vibrancy. [via Remixd Mag]

Almost exactly a year ago, GloRilla dropped 2022’s song of the summer: ‘FNF (Let’s Go),’ a track with Hitkidd that made the Memphis artist one of rap’s hottest new talents. If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, GloRilla is offering a remedy in more ways than one: her new song ‘Lick or Sum’ brings a similar give-no-fucks energy as ‘FNF,’ and it’s built on the instrumental of Three 6 Mafia’s oft-sampled 1999 track ‘Slob on my Knob.’ This version, though, trains its focus on female pleasure and authority. [via The FADER]

It’s been a busy month for Houston rapper Monaleo. On top of dropping her full-length debut project, Where The Flowers Don’t Die, she revealed that she welcomed a newborn baby last week. Still, she is finding time to keep fans fed. In tandem with the release of Where The Flowers Don’t Die, Monaleo dropped the video for one of the project’s standout tracks, ‘Wig Splitter.’ In the video, she is seen streaming live on Instagram, in the fashion of a “get ready with me” type video. As she applies make up and switches up her looks, she stands on guard in her home, letting her opps know that while she is, in fact, with child, she hasn’t softened. On the song itself, she delivers jaw-dropping, raunchy bars, one of the most memorable being “He wanna eat it and save the rest for later like a meal prep.” [via UPROXX]

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