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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Rachel Newnham
Emerging indie pop artist Rachel Newnham from Southport has just released her debut single ‘Nobody Loves You Like I Do’, a soulful indie-pop track that captures the emotional struggles of being underappreciated in a relationship. Produced and co-written by Matt Wills (Charlotte Plank), ‘Nobody Loves You Like I Do’ is a heartfelt song that takes listeners on a poignant journey and with her blend of catchy melodies, sincere lyrics and unique tone the single has great potential. Listen below.

The Backroom Rumors
The Backroom Rumors are an indie rock trio composed of singer/drummer Lily Pesikoff, bassist Evan Loftin, and guitarist Bo Farnell. They started up in November of 2021, but started playing shows in the Summer of 2022. Since then, they have been playing around the Houston DIY scene wherever they can get their hands on a show. The sound of TBR is best described as the rock they all listened to growing up, mixed with the jazz they learned in school, and inspired by the indie rock they listen to today. ‘(Did I Say) Goodbye Too Soon’ is their latest single. “This song has much to do about my personal dating experience and navigating queer relationships. I try and take these experiences and make them something catchy and listenable,” says Lily. Listen below.

Tess Clare
Indie pop artist Tess Clare releases new EP Paid Listening, a candid soundscape chronicling the darkness of a broken relationship and the liberating clarity of finding solace on the other side. Paid Listening consists of six songs written in real time, chronologically, as Tess searched for a greater understanding of herself beyond being one half of her past relationship. The EP, mirroring her therapy sessions, takes listeners through the painful but ultimately freeing stages following a long-term breakup. Because the EP covers the evolution of Tess’s healing, the songs range from a wistful ballad that lays bare deeply painful insights and emotions to an up-tempo, driving banger filled with anthemic melodies. Tess manages to mold her own sound from such diverse inspiration as Del Water Gap, Robyn, Labrinth, Jeremy Zucker, and even Drake in her eclectic production. EP standout ‘I Don’t Wanna Feel Love’ is a mixture of driving 80’s synths, backing glittery acoustic instrumentation and power vocals, bring listeners for a joy ride in this undeniably danceable and cathartic bop. Tess and RENNER wrote this song after their lives took parallel dramatic turns. Both artists went through breakups with long-term/long-distance relationships at the same time. Their friendship became the life raft that got them through it, and this collaboration is the embodiment of that moment. Listen below.

Rae Travers
Rae Travers recorded ‘Love in the City’ as well as two further singles with Producer Andy D. Park in Seattle and a renowned lineup of band members including; Jessica Dobson (Deep Sea Diver) Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple) Abby Gundersen (Phoebe Bridgers) and Sean T Lane (Ann Wilson, Silver Torches). After hearing Andy’s work on Noah Gundersen and Zander Hawley’s records Rae knew he was the producer she had been looking for to bring her songs to life. In the midst of a new technological future, Rae was nostalgic for the live elements and emotional dynamics a studio band could deliver. ‘Love in the City’ is a story of queer love and the acceptance found amongst the LGBTQIA+ community. Originally inspired from an opening scene of Euphoria, Rae developed the idea into a song about her own experiences of being in love and living in her truth. With honest lyricism at her core Rae blends traditional 70’s singer-songwriter tones with a modern ethereal sound for this Romantic feel good track and explains; “I wanted the song to depict the moment I walked into my first queer bar and instantly felt at home and understood. It also references my first queer relationship and the yearning to be back in that moment after having to leave London.” Listen below.

Holly Ebony
Cascading vocals sweetly heady and peaty raw as the Dartmoor landscape she hails from. Folk artist Holly Ebony writes lyrical solace as creative activism that speaks to a profound love affair with life. With hazy ambience, tinkling riffs and impacting vocals, June release shimmering folk blues single, ‘The Rain Came’ speaks to relinquishing control in the face of the unexpected events life throws at us. Listen below.

Lucy’s Delirium
Lucy’s Delirium is a four-piece femme/non-binary band that began in a Montreal basement in 2022. Lila, Hanako, Franky and Addie merge their creativity to express their connection by exploring musical genres, spaces, and switching instruments. They approached their early sessions as a form of play in order to discover their unique sound. Constantly stepping out of their comfort zone, the band has evolved through the growing pains of being DIY musicians, like learning to work with small garage spaces and angry neighbours. Their first show was in their drummer’s garage with their friends, family and dogs. Since then, Lucy’s Delirium has played and organized shows with intention and care. It’s a priority to create respectful and inclusive environments at their shows and centring femme people and members of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. Lucy’s Delirium takes great care in having full creative direction for all aspects of the project, designing their own stickers, flyers, and album art. The band are all self-taught musicians and learned to record their own music, allowing them to develop a personal and complete musical identity. This total creative freedom has led the band to explore a variety of genres and sounds. New song ‘Mr TV’ came about during a basement practice when Franky started free-styling on a bassline with the words “Ruin me like I ruined you.” The phrase set the tone for the track, encapsulating the hypnotizing and obsessive feeling of the relationship between people and technology. The lyrics personify a television through the perspective of someone dependent and craving distraction. Despite the instant gratification, it remains an escape from their reality, leaving them with a false sense of fulfillment. The track was done in one take at the band’s home studio. “We toyed with the idea of taking it to a recording studio, but when we thought about it being put in the hands of a stranger, it felt disingenuous. We felt the song would be more authentic if we were in ful lcontrol of the creative process.” Listen below.

Maddy Briggs
Maddy Briggs is an electro acoustic composer from Sydney, Australia. Her EP Late Night Swim is a three-part work woven together solely out of recycled organ and piano recordings leftover from a score from a short film composed by Briggs. The work was mixed by Briggs and mastered by Becki Whitton. Inspired by late night walks through Sydney’s waterways and around regional NSW, it views sonic material as living and breathing rather than fixed. Processed using Max/MSP, the work becomes an atmospheric and intricate soundscape that centres around the electronic artefacts that have arisen during its production, and yearns bitter sweetly over its run. Title track ‘Late Night Swim I’, will take you along for a sprawling ambient ride. Listen below.

‘Pink Lady’ is the debut single from pop duo Vestibule. Written whilst on a summer trip to singer Maria Røsholt’s home country of Norway, ‘Pink Lady’ deals with expectations of love and adulthood, with luscious synths, funk guitars and punchy four-on-the-floor drums. This is Vestibule’s first self-released single, produced by Kali-Diston Jones from Liverpool-band Monks and mixed in Nashville by Joey Burcham, whose previous work include Police Car Collective. Combining elements of synth-pop and disco, Scandi-Scouse duo Vestibule consists of vocalist/keyboardist Maria Røsholt and guitarist Nathan Johnson. Shiny, self-referential, and brimming with lovelorn abandon: their songs evoke the beauty of nature and are delivered with a metropolitan elan. Influenced by artists like Tennis, TOPS, and Fleetwood Mac, the duo writes and records their own material in Liverpool. Listen to ‘Pink Lady’ below.

MCKNZ is a rising indie-pop artist based in Philadelphia, PA, known for her dreamy lyrics, luscious reverb, and gentle acoustic guitar. As a passionate singer-songwriter and producer MCKNZ crafts music that is both comforting and thought-provoking, exploring themes of friendship, love, and life accompanied by enchanting melodies. Working out of her bedroom studio, MCKNZ has established herself as a refreshing voice in the indie world, accenting her singer-songwriter style with pop sensibilities. Her music is a journey of self-discovery and growth, as she finds her footing in the indie-pop world, and continues to explore new sounds and styles. New single ‘Slip Away,’ has just been released. “This song is written from an alternate perspective in an attempt to figure out how that person felt about the fallout of a friendship,” explains MCKNZ. “It’s an intimate track that helped in the healing process by allowing me to imagine what could fill in the gaps of the things unsaid.” Listen below.

Apricot is excited to announce the release of their second single, ‘enemy,’ which is a shift from their previous melancholic dreamy R&B sound presented in her first single, ‘sue u’.’enemy’ is a fun, gritty, and sensual track that showcases Apricot’s versatility as an artist. The song is about the desire to stop playing games with your crush and give in to the sexual tension. The track features sultry vocals on a hip-hop inspired beat that is sure to get listeners moving. Inspired by the groove and powerful basslines of Leikeli47, the energy of Gwen Stefani, and the attitude and grit of the band Bones UK, ‘enemy’ is a unique and powerful addition to Apricot’s discography. Listen below.

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