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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Hailing from Birmingham, with a cultivated songwriting style and a velvet-like earthy vocal Amika brings an eclectic, original and distinctive identity to her music, and to present the memorable melody and story of ‘Yellow Days’. Where heartbreak meets accountability, ‘Yellow Days’ is a sonic vessel that holds the relatable and vulnerable raw expression of thoughts and emotions that follow a breakup. Listen below.

The Just Imagines
The Just Imagines are a husband and wife duo who met through music, fell in love, got married and formed a band. Carina is the lead singer and co-writer of their songs. They are a very eclectic duo who does a bit of everything such as rock, blues, funk, jazz, reggae and more. Their newest release, ‘Mad Mike’, is a hypnotic rocker with poignant in your face lyrics and atmospheric and crunchy guitars. Listen below.

Janet Noh
Janet Noh is a nationally awarded classical pianist and pop-R&B singer-songwriter and producer. She combines her eclectic influences – classical music’s timelessness, musical theater drama, and modern pop songwriting – to create her own unique sound. New single ‘All Love’ is an effortlessly light and buoyant track that was born from the pain of being ghosted by one of her best girlfriends in a time of need. The song is a powerful half self-love song/half diss track that helped her release her angst and regain control of her narrative. Listen below.

Rage Doll
Rage Doll are a “quirky and deadly” duo, based in London. Whilst building a strong connection writing via social media, Rage Doll has found a new formula to achieve a resurgence in the popularity of 2000s emo and metal music by creating a musical infusion that blends cinematic, electronic and rock music together. Rage Doll also live up to their quirky aesthetic, proving that Rage Doll can formulate an exciting and ever-changing visual identity for themselves. Through the knowledge and connections of past projects Akin and Tatiana have created Rage Doll to make a dent in the current alternative music scene. Rage Dolls music can be seen as an explosive outlet whilst creating a shadow of relatability and comfort for their listeners. New single ‘Fantasy’ is a brain melting track that blends heavy genres and influences from metal to industrial to trap elements. This track tells a tale of fiery desire that’s impossible to keep in and not fantsize about. Listen below.

Angie Haze
Angie Haze is a singer, songwriter, composer and music production guru. Her goal is to change the world with her music. Angie was deeply inspired by the success of her EMDR therapy which incorporated bilateral movement of sound. She went on to include aspects of this in the production of ‘Time Thief’, the title track from her new album. If you listen with headphones you can hear the subtle binaural beats that coincide with the purposeful sound design and lyrics. Time Thief can best be described as the feeling of excitement for nostalgia and then wave of melancholy that often comes from looking into the past. While this collection pokes and prods on some delicate stories, the listener is left with a sense of uprising for change. With influences like Radiohead, Cosmo Sheldrake and Billie Eilish, this album sounds like a Tim Burton, Annie Lennox tea party. Listen to ‘Time Thief’ below.

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