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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Becki Biggins
Multi award-winning jazz singer and songwriter Becki Biggins has released her new single, ‘FURIOUS,’ a tongue-in-cheek tale of a woman who waits… and lives to regret it. The hotly anticipated follow-up to 2021’s ‘I’m Giving Up on You’, ‘FURIOUS’ is a song about bad sex. Biggins says: “Almost all the women I know have the same story – they meet someone, think they’re amazing and decide to get to know them better before ‘doing the deed’. They’re romantically invested, and then what happens? The sex is terrible! And how do they feel? FURIOUS!” ‘FURIOUS’ is the second single from the forthcoming album It’s a Man’s World, a collection of songs inspired, written, and popularised by men, which is due out later in 2022. Listen below.

Feen!ks is a singer-songwriter from Finland who creates piano-driven melodies and turns them into electropop songs with her producer. She released her second single, ‘Demons in my soul’, last month. The song continues the elegant style that started last year with her debut single ‘The Days of Yesterday’, that showed off the artist’s amazing vocal range and deep, dark sound. Feen!ks’ personal lyrics and extensive melodies spiced up with riffs and runs take you on a flight, during which the rest of the ashes are shed from the feathers. The lyrics stem from difficult relationships, violence, and bullying but also from forgiveness and healing. Despite the harsh experiences, the songs exude irrefutability and empowerment in the face of difficulties. ‘Demons in my Soul’s electronic pop-rock production utilizes binaural sounds, which by using headphones, bring a 3D-effect to the listening experience. “’Demons in my soul’ is about a controlling relationship that is hard to break free from because of the feelings of smallness and insignificance caused by the relationship,” Feen!ks explains of the song. Listen below.

Mathilda and Valentina are the Swedish, London-based duo HONA. They would describe their music as alternative/electronic pop, with influences from their nordic heritage. They have recently released their new single ‘HYPNOTISED’. “The song is about someone playing with someone else’s mind to the extent they no longer can differentiate between reality and real-life feelings,” say the duo. “This song means especially much to us, as it is the first self-produced song we release. We have put in a lot of hard work to reach a point where we felt confident with our own skills as producers. Now we feel proud to release this song, to be able to see the result and how much the hard work paid-off.” Listen below.

Demi McMahon
Demi McMahon is a singer-songwriter from Dundee, Scotland. She has just released a new album called Rainbow Remedy which will then be followed by a Scottish tour. The song we are sharing from the album today is ‘Sheep’. “You’re a Sheep, You’re not unique”. ‘Sheep’ is a pop song based on people in the world wanting to copy others and losing their own indentity while doing so. Demi says: “Some people want to be like social media influencers and they lose who they really are by wanting to be someone they aren’t. The song is about embracing your true self.” Listen below.

Anne Stott
Anne Stott is a singer-songwriter, actor and political rabble rouser. Her style has evolved from indie folk rock to a more elastic and enigmatic sound embracing eighties pop, 90s grunge, Indian chant and spoken word aesthetics. ‘Sapiosexual’, the first single from Anne’s upcoming album Watershed Synapse Experience, is out now. Sapiosexual. Definition: of, relating to, or characterized by romantic or sexual attraction to highly intelligent people. ‘Sapiosexual’, is an alt rock track that takes an edgy dive into desire. Her gritty yet sultry electric guitar played at a simmering pace under captivating lead vocals teases the listener through the basics of attraction to intelligence. Anne says, “A few years ago, I was looking up something about Sappho on the internet and “sapiosexual” was in the drop down menu. That moment led me on odyssey that resulted in this new song.” Working for the first time with platinum record producer Barb Morrison (Deborah Harry, LP, Rufus Wainwright), ‘Sapiosexual’ is simultaneously the most raw and most produced song Anne has yet to release. Listen below.

Leah Harris
R&B/Soul singer, songwriter, pianist, entrepreneur Leah Harris, debuts her newest single ‘Shine’. Leah wrote this song with inspiration from the unique creative journeys undertaken by artists and entrepreneurs. This track was recorded in Nashville and produced by Sal Oliveri, best known for his work on GRAMMY-nominated tracks by P!NK and Chris Stapleton. The single will befollowed in July by a music video featuring muralist Andaluz the Artist spray-painting an old piano, and lead Broadway performer Olutayo, dancing a self-choreographed routine. “It takes determination to wake up every morning and pursue a non traditional dream,” said Leah.“I wrote this song as a reminder that, even though it can be a tough road, the unique work of creatives isimpactful and deeply appreciated.” Listen below.

Inestashh is a half Chilean singer, producer and songwriter in London. Her main inspiration for music has been because of her Grandpa, as she is the granddaughter of a Chilean politician refugee. As for his bravery and encouragement it has always inspired her to get involved and do what she loves doing. Her track ‘Para Mi’ was inspired by many factors such as a book she once read. “I have co produced on the production with my great friend called Angus,” she says. “I have also included one of my friends from my music university to do Latin background vocals on the track!” Listen below.

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