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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Lauren Greco
Originally from Australia, Lauren Greco has mastered an R&B sound where rhythmic dreaminess meets an enticing, video vixen vibe with a captivatingly dark edge. Her unique fusion of soulful vocals and introspective lyricism ventures into uncharted musical territory, drawing in those who revel in the allure of genre-defying soundscapes. With a lyrical journey that traverses love, relationships, self-discovery, and empowerment, Lauren’s mission is to resonate with a diverse audience, particularly women seeking self-acceptance and navigating the complexities of modern relationships. Her new single is called ‘You Lied’. “The song is about dating someone who is a compulsive liar. It starts off as one little white lie and then it continues to be a tangled web! The song is about the journey of dating a liar and coming to terms with leaving whilst discovering your own self worth,” says Lauren. Listen below.

Maria Rosenberg
Maria Rosenberg is a singer songwriter based in London. Her music is a blend of modern and old, blues and trip hop sadness with attitude. Dreamy smokiness with badass poetic fantasy where love stories meet childhood trauma, where David Lynch meets yo momma. Her new single ‘Slow Dancing’ is a poetic narrative that touches on the complexity of human emotions. And, at its core, it’s also a love story, reminding us that love can heal and transform even in the face of adversity. “From a drunk start to a sober finish, now celebrating 2 years of sobriety this song is a nod to the dark allure of David Lynch’s movies, the haunting melodies of Suicide,” explains Maria. “It explores the idea that deep down, what we’re really seeking is love and connection, but when we’re lost or hurting, we turn to alcohol as a substitute. It’s a reflection on how we often replace our emotional needs with substances, ultimately searching for something more meaningful.” It was produced by Maria and an English Grammy award-winning record producer Stuart Matthewman, most known as a founding member of the band Sade, also worked with Paloma Faith, Maxwell. Listen below.

The Creature Appeal
The Creature Appeal have evolved massively since their formation in the primordial ooze that was the late 2010’s Birmingham indie landscape. They consist of Nicole Sedgley (Vocals), Conor Sharphouse (Bass), Campbell Air (Guitar), Cath Grove (Keys), and Andy Wilson (Drums). Their sound is difficult to pin down. Imagine the introspective and melancholy lyrics of Phoebe Bridgers/Boygenius, paired with soaring, soulful vocals of Florence + The Machine, all backed by 2010’s-esque indie guitars. One thing is for sure; any gig with TCA on the line up will be an emotional rollercoaster. The Creature Appeal are releasing their final single of 2023, ‘Standing in The Sun’, backed by a 5-date UK Tour. With this set to be their biggest release to date, 2024 looks to be their busiest year yet. “‘Standing in the Sun’ is a culmination of the nostalgic feelings of summers gone by; a rose-tinted retrospective of seasonal flings, warm July evenings, and fond memories of hotter days,” explain the band. “The song can be summarised by the lyric ‘Dance to beer garden bops in the afternoon, if these times ever end, they can only end too soon’. With energetic, bouncy vocals layered above the indiest riff we could muster, we hope this track brings a bit of sunshine to our listeners.” Listen below.

DOEXL is a music producer (dark wave, EBM, industrial) and visual artist based between Paris and Berlin. She’s self-released on her music label and post-production studio VOAXS. Inspired by mythology, the enigmatic facets of the life experience, her creative focus is in bridging the realms of art and technology, through her authentic perspective on dark music and visual identity. In 2021, she made her debut with the EP MORPH, followed by her new EP Corpus, out now. This second record, with heavy bass, metallic beats and organ synths includes the singles ‘Beast’, ‘Vox’, and ‘Prey’. On the surface level, EBM club track ‘Prey’ is a synesthetic journey where Sound and Technology merge into an Industrial party. On a deeper level, behind the line “Intuition warns you of danger’s hiding where you fear it’s gonna eat you” is a message of introspection, awareness of one’s own deepest fears, vulnerabilities so one’s able to be freed from external threats. Listen below.

Mya Lai
Mya Lai is a brand-new independent artist based in Leeds, UK. Coming from a mixed Chinese and Indian background, Mya was discouraged from pursuing music when she was younger in favour of a more academic path. She repressed her passion for many years, studying a natural sciences degree and working as an Assistant Psychologist in the UK National Health Sevice. However, Mya’s true calling continuously called out to her, and a turning point came when she realised the importance of authenticity and pursuing her true passion as a recording artist. Mya’s debut single, ‘Roam Free,’ was released in October 2023, blending pop and rock influences. Her music draws from a variety of genres, including pop, rock, indie, and classical. Her prolific songwriting has already produced a substantial back catalogue, ensuring a steady flow of releases and live performances in 2023 and 2024. Leveraging her background in psychology, Mya also shares motivational videos online, inspiring others to chase their dreams and embrace authenticity. The track ‘Roam Free’ is a pop-rock ballad, written from a place of heartbreak. Whilst the song encapsulates sadness and lamentation after the end of a relationship, the lyrics also communicate the prospect of healing from pain, and a sense of hope for the future. Listen below.

Beth Baines
Beth Baines is a singer-songwriter from Toronto. She has previously written and recorded material with the band Dream Whip and released music under the name Brushsigns. Imagine if Mitski was inspired by Felt and Cocteau Twins. This is what her new single, ‘Nepeta,’ sounds like. ‘Nepeta’ takes heartbeat-like percussion inspired by Felt’s ‘Sempiternal Darkness,’ and builds on that with omnichord, organ and chimes, and textured guitar. “Recorded and co-produced by my friend Justin Ladd, we wanted things to sound sparkly and bright,” says Beth. “‘Nepeta’ is inspired by my time spent as a gardener in Toronto. Nepeta, a late bloomer, very popular here, is where the title of the song comes from. Thematically, ‘Nepeta’ is about the material and immaterial possessions we carry with us to navigate periods of isolation. These can manifest as physical objects, like a Nepeta cutting we plant in a garden, memories of friends, or a song we listen to on repeat to hold onto a certain feeling.” Listen below.

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