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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Haley Holgate
Listening to Haley Holgate’s music is like reading her diary. Featuring clean-cut lyricism and commanding melodies, the Sydney-based singer-songwriter reflects on life’s pitfalls and turns them into hooky, warm worlds of sound. Her songs live in the land of wistful indie-pop, alongside residents like Phoebe Bridgers, Julia Jacklin and Lizzy McAlpine. Her heart-on-her-sleeve, confessional lyricism invites listeners to embrace their own imperfections and offers a time for self-reflection. ‘Philosophers’ is the latest track from Haley Holgate following her successful debut single, ‘A Good Feminist’. ‘Philosophers’ is the ultimate soundtrack for an existential late-night drive, where Haley contemplates what went wrong after a relationship crumbled and questions what she really knew about the other person and herself. The song showcases Haley’s versatility, settling confidently into the arena of indie-rock after her more pop-y debut. The production, courtesy of Aussie indie royalty Xavier Dunn, mirrors her spiralling emotions, flipping between verses with dreamy guitars and lo-fi drum beats to full-throttle choruses, all with her staple understated vocals coasting on top. Listen below.

Marina Prikis
Marina Prikis is a 20-year-old pop/soul/dance singer-songwriter based in South Burlington, Vermont, USA. Her new track is called ‘don’t wanna be your friend right now’ and it explores “the rollercoaster of emotions when you realize you want to be more than friends with someone, but still have to deal with seeing them with someone else and navigating their tendency to play hot and cold. It captures the high, the pain, the doubt, the longing… But ultimately it makes you dance to the rhythm of any sort of feeling you’re having when listening to the song.” Listen below.

Finding the current amid the return of spirit – Clarity, Psychedelic Soul artist, has revealed the release of her new single, titled ‘circles.’ A dance with the present, reframing the past, and being hopeful for the future through experiences with C-PTSD and depression. There’s temptation to whelm the current, ‘Circles’ is that nudge of grace back into the flow. For Clarity, the beginning meets the end, nothing is lost between. The song was produced by Malachi Muhammad and mastered by King Noli and was written, recorded, and mixed by Clarity. ‘Circles’ was crafted amongst a group of friends- featuring only three instrumental stems and evocative vocal textures; reflecting the cyclical nature of life. It was released on the first New Moon of the year – 11 January 2024 at 12 AM EST. The artist says that “unlearning has been just as liberating as learning.” Following the releases of ‘purple’ and ‘get out,’ ‘Circles’ introduces us to the next chapter of Clarity’s journey. Weaving movement into sound, Clarity is a singer-songwriter with a glimpse of a synesthetic response. Painting sounds described as hauntingly soulful; textured with psychedelic soul, gothic blues, and rock – Clarity creates a sense of nostalgia with each song and performance. The artist finds value in the integration of her darkness and continues to transmute through creating and healing with her listeners. Listen to ‘Circles’ below.

The WildViolets
The WildViolets are a London-based disco outfit that have taken a unique turn in music making, marrying the dance-floor filling grooves of ‘70’s disco and modern pop. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Nile Rodgers, Jamiroquai and Franc Moody, the band strives to leave their mark on the world’s resurging love for disco, all while inspiring audiences to get on their feet too. ‘Miracle,’ ushers in a modern disco era with an infectious groove. ‘Miracle’ seamlessly blends nostalgic disco vibes with contemporary elements, delivering a danceable, euphoric experience. Funky basslines, shimmering synths, and lead vocalist, Brooke’s signature vocals converge to create an electrifying atmosphere. ‘Miracle’ pays homage to the disco era’s euphoria while infusing a fresh and innovative sound. With its pulsating energy ‘Miracle’ tells a familiar story to many about the hope we place in new relationships. We hope that when relationships emerge, especially with the same person, that things will be different, better even, or would that take a Miracle? ‘Miracle’ captures the essence of modern disco and the emotional angst of modern relations. Listen below.

Amutha (pronounced Ah-moo-dtha – the same ‘th’ sound in ‘the’) has been producing for 4 years. She started in the music industry quite late, being from a south Asian family there was always an emphasis placed on academics so she only found her creative passion at age 24. The song WORK // TWERK // LIVE DREAMS was “just silly, it was a lot of strange improvisation and playing off the idea of running sentences/words and how things can always be reinterpreted (e.g. solar flare event horizon…rising then decay – everything in that first verse is running off the last word and being used completely differently. Also, the very sexy sample sprinkled throughout the track is actually just me stretching before a take, but I kept it in and slapped it with reverb.” Listen below.

J Edna Mae
J Edna Mae’s eclectic song writing has been described as “Kate Bush hair cloaked in Enya’s emotions making fresh coffee for Valerie Broussard”. J EDNA MAE’s new single ‘HUMAN’ has an epic, pop vibe which invokes love and humanity. Listen below.

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