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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Kalah is an Electronic Metal band born in 2020 that refuses to be confined to the boundaries of any musical genre. Their sound is a futuristic fusion that marries danceable synths and melodeath’s aggression, all infused with electronic elements that defy convention. The name ‘Kalah’ draws from Sanskrit, symbolizing the moon’s subtle, ever-growing movement—an apt metaphor for their constant sonic evolution.In a dystopic realm where artificial intelligence is slowly substituting basic human functions, the sentient android 45 awakens in the digital abyss, venturing into an odyssey amidst the beauty of the moon and the sterile echoes of aseptic factories. Curiosity sparks 45’s inner revolution: ‘When I sleep, I know nothing about me.’ Kalah’s new single, ‘And Yet It Moves,’ is out now. Kalah are also very proud to announce the release of the new album, And Yet It Dreams., a dystopian symphony of Modern, Electronic yet Melodic Metal that will descend upon the world on February 16, under the banner of Nova Era Records. Listen to ‘And Yet It Moves’ below.

Zahra is a new emerging pop artist in the midst of debuting her first EP Windows Down. Having started to write her own songs since she was young, her new releases reflect the highs and lows of being a teenager-turned-twenty navigating the tricky but exciting worlds of summer love, growing into yourself and being a girl in the 21st Century. Her songs range from different sub-genres of pop while her lyrics remain an important foundation throughout them all. She says, “My lead and debut single, ‘Windows Down’ tells the story of a whirlwind summer romance. The bright, maximalist production mirrors the fun, flirty and sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics to create an easy going but upbeat summer pop song. Opening with breezy, soft vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar, capturing the sweet and simple memories of summer, the beat soon kicks in. The pre chorus’ sustained notes of summer longing open into a stacked chorus filled with ad libs and harmonies. Bass guitar joins in later to fulfil the sonic idea of an exciting and new teenage love, matching with lyrics describing ‘wanderlust nights’ and ‘sunset cliche(s)’. The double chorus at the end ensures the catchy hook stays in your head, ending on a high.” Listen below.

Alterne invites the listener into an atmospheric universe, where innovation and tradition collides. Their music, which could be described as dream folk, combines elements from traditional music with modern song writing in Danish. Alterne is a newly formed dream folk trio formed by the Danish singer Ida Marie Jessen. With her she has the Belgium violinist Oscar Beerten and the Estonian accordionist Maimu Jõgeda, they are all well known names from the Nordic Folk Music scene. They met through their studies at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (FI). Since then they have developed a unique musical portrait that fuses elements from folk, pop and ambient. Their first single ‘Alle terner’ is a tribute to all the important people who have crossed your path. The presence of traditional instruments, as well as the use of ornaments, adds a touch of tradition to the modern arrangement. This fusion creates a distinctive soundscape that appeals to a wide audience. ‘Alle terner’ is the first single from their upcoming debut album, which will be released on April 19 both digitally and physically (CD), through the label GO’ Danish Folk Music. Listen to ‘Alle terner’ below.

Eve St John
Eve St John was born and raised in Wagga Wagga, Australia and found a love for music at a very young age. She quickly moved to Sydney after finishing high school then moved on to London, constantly craving a bigger and bigger music scene. When covid 19 hit all her plans to make music stopped. That’s when she started to learn production and at home recording. She started researching artists who started in their bedroom just like her, and quickly realised that this was the best thing she could do for herself. Flash forward to today having released her first single ‘lucky me’ crafted all on her own from every word to every frequency. Eve says, “I wrote ‘lucky me’ in 2023 sitting in my brand new apartment in london. I was thinking about all the times back home when I was so heartbroken and the deep need I had for external validation. I was sitting there wishing I could tell myself it was for the best and that losing them was the luckiest thing that could have ever happened. That’s when lucky me came along. At the time I had been listening to a lot of upbeat music, after all, I had just got back from a 6 month trip around SE Asia. So I knew I wanted a four on the floor kick drum, groovy bassline, string and horns, and that’s what I did.” Listen below.

Simone is an independent artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She has been songwriting for the past 6 years and decided 2024 was the year to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. She just released her first single of the year called, ‘Wish me the best’,” a contemporary R&B/pop woman anthem dedicated to choosing self love. It’s a song that highlights investing in yourself and your own dreams. No one ever tells you being selfish can be a good thing, and I’m here to tell you, it’s ok to choose where you spend your energy, it’s okay to have boundaries, it’s okay to choose you, and most of all, it’s ok to wish yourself the best!” she says. Listen below.

Ania is originally from Koszalin, Poland and having ventured to the West Coast she studied music at University of Southern California and Musicians Institute. Ania’s musical experience has transformed her from a young rock enthusiast into a trained pioneer of rock n roll, breaking boundaries of popular music. In 2018, Ania performed with Steve Vai at the ‘Big Mama Jama Jam-A-Thon at Musician Institute. In 2019, Ania co-founded Gritty in Pink, an LA-based all female musician collective alongside Shiragirl, and last year recorded a lesson of ‘Come As You Are’ on Fender Play. In 2023, Ania has been a part of a grammy nominated project and continues to reach higher levels of creativity. Ania is a session guitarist, songwriter, producer and performer, who continues to collaborate with different artists and perform live. There is much to be said about the post-pandemic challenges leaving 2023 behind. In particular, the flareup occuring in the Middle East is a difficult situation that has now become part of our daily lives. So, how can we reconcile these disastrous emotions? Can anybody acknowledge a world outside their own personal system? Do we want to start a conversation? Ania’s new single ‘Misery’ is not just a heartbreak recovery pitch, it serves a purpose; to awaken our moral compass. ‘Misery’ beckons you to acknowledge the discord within your society and steers us toward searching for solutions and similarities rather than our differences. Listen below.

Izzy Moriarty Whyte
Izzy is a Deptford, London based singer and songwriter. With her roots in acoustic, folky sounds, she has ventured into all manner of genres performing solo and with bands all across London, from acoustic sets in DIY south East venues (Avalon Cafe, Matchstick Piehouse, the George Tavern) to supper clubs and north London cocktail bars. Izzy’s previous releases have been entirely DIY, receiving radio plays from BBC Introducing and landing her opportunities for industry collaborations. ‘Deep Sea Freight’ is her newest release, taken from its acoustic beginnings to indie pop heights with the help of producer Callum Marinho (Projector, Noel Gallagher). ‘Deep Sea Freight’ is an ode to the unlikely romanticism of the BBC’s Shipping Forecast, and the idea of it being the only thing connecting two lovers when one of them is out at sea. Its voyage began at live shows all across London, emerging as an all-bells-and-whistles indie pop song thanks to producer Callum Marinho. Listen below.

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