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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Elea Calvet
Elea Calvet has shared her new single ‘Sinuous ways’ via Hyssop & Victoria Records. Set to tug at your heartstrings in its ponderous exploration of the fleeting nature of all things good or un-good, it dwells on the ambiguous with hope and gravity. After years of musical hoarding and machinations tucked away from the limelight, Elea’s melodic creatures are finally ready to emerge and captivate your mind. She says,”This song is not new, not to me at least, but its nature is in stark contrast to what you have heard from me to date. Raw, intimate and slightly foreboding, it sits in a space more intrinsic to my being than anything I have shared so far. To this effect, I composed, wrote and mixed all of it by myself in my lengthy and eagerly cultivated seclusion. I did however hire a handful of wonderful musicians to play the strings and clarinet. Initially written by demand of a music supervisor for a film, I fortuitously seized a note I had not intended to, it radically diverging in style from the one called for (this version is nothing like its original form) and captured the intangible poignancy that draws me to the songs I adore. My taste is idiosyncratic and abstract but always relies on this elusive but necessary element that moves and gnaws at one’s heart in its sometimes fatalistic earnestness.” Listen below.

Erin Astra
Irish Alt-Pop prodigy Erin Astra announces her debut EP Homesick and unveils lead single ‘Closed Doors’. Erin Astra embodies an unwavering sense of self. Her magnetic sound, a fusion of alt-pop melodies tinged with grungy undertones, draws inspiration from her Irish roots, infusing a cheeky Irish slang into her lyrics. Astra’s sound has been influenced by artists such as Avril Lavigne, Pale Waves and Melanie Martinez. ‘Closed Doors,’ offers a glimpse into Erin’s transformative journey, as she fearlessly navigated the challenges of pursuing her dreams in London. “‘Closed Doors’ recounts my initial experience upon arriving in London – a fairy tale gone wrong. It captures the realisation that the life I envisioned was far from easy, this EP is my survival guide,” she says. Listen below.

Twin Headed Wolf
Julie and Branwen Kavanagh are Twin Headed Wolf, a pair of twin sisters from Lahinch, Co. Clare in Ireland, specialising in eccentric, theatrical, ritual-imbued, folklore. Having disappeared from the Irish music scene in 2017, the twins return to share news of an album, Altarwise, due for release February 29. It is an album lost in time. A lost treasure for the archives, this album illustrates the first creative impulse of Branwen and Julie. Indeed, it is the first album they ever made. All of their dreams, ideals and ideas are contained within the ritual worlds of each song. Listen to ‘The Black Keys’ below.

Grace Calver
Grace Calver is a 20 year old singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Essex. Up until now she has been known for her tongue-in-cheek indie pop songs complaining about her love life but no more! She is about to enter her “CRUSH ERA”! ‘Will U Be Mine?’ is out now. “A song about instant attraction, catching someone’s eye across the room, wondering if they felt it too or just smiled at you out of politeness! Do you take the chance and ask them?” says Grace. “Tell me I am not the only one to crush on someone I’ve just met and imagine in detail how it could work out.” ‘Will U Be Mine?’ is an energetic and fun pop song with swirly guitars and lively synths. “When I started writing the synth part for the song I was taken back to the music in the video games I have played over the years and I leant into these for inspiration,” she continues. “This then led to the art work idea of me as my very own pop star video game character, drawn by the very talented El Locksmith who I met at college a couple of years ago.” Listen to ‘Will U Be Mine?’ below.

Sick Day
The band Sick Day was founded in 2019, right before the coronavirus made sick days perpetually relevant. The band is led by Olivia Wallace, a respected staple in the Chicago DIY scene. She writes infectiously catchy pop-rock tunes that don’t try too hard to conceal their disarming honesty. Both humble and charismatic, they tackle everyday thoughts about love and the general difficulties of being alive. In addition to Wallace, the band has grown to include Ryan Donlin, Kaity Szymborski, and cellist Chaepter. Working their way through the Chicago underground, they have opened for bands such as Friko and Winona Forever. Their clever lyrics and earworm riffs easily find a home with contemporaries such as Palehound, The Beths, and Illuminati Hotties while also nodding to classic 90s indie rock. ‘Overexposure’ sonically evokes feelings of anguish, turmoil, self-doubt. A reclusive state where everything feels bigger than usual and you begin to doubt your perception of the world around. “Is everything out to get me? Probably not. But in a death by a thousand cuts, you begin to pin yourself as the common denominator—and thus amorphously the cause of—your daily struggles. “Don’t make me laugh cause I’m feeling like a joke would turn me onto my head.” There’s nothing lyrically indicating a hurtful or mean joke. It makes me think of the state of mind when ordinary daily occurrences and minor inconveniences can topple you over because of your own inner turmoil. A sort of breaking point that sends you spiraling inwards, doubting yourself and your perception of reality,” say the band.

CECIE, a Budapest-born UK-based pop artist, channels the essence of 2010s pop with influences from MARINA, Lady Gaga, and Tove Lo. Challenging stereotypes, she brands her infectious, uplifting tunes as PUMP (Pure Unapologetic Mainstream Pop), pushing back against the stigma surrounding mainstream pop artists. Starting her journey in Hungary with appearances on The Voice and Eurovision pre-competition, CECIE, armed with a degree in Songwriting and Music Production from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, is set to unveil her solo project to the world. Embracing diverse passions and talents, she takes charge of every creative aspect, including writing songs, capturing and editing photos, designing the logo, artwork, album covers, and marketing assets—treating her project as a platform to fully utilize and showcase all her creative skills. Step into CECIE’s debut, ‘Cry Baby,’ a lively fusion of catchy melodies, playful tones, and creative spirit. Born from a university songwriting task, this track delves into a toxic romance, capturing the thrill of the evil alter ego indulging in a partner’s longing. The lyric adds a deeper layer to the cheery melody, creating a dynamic blend of contrasting emotions within the song. Listen below.

Maita is an independent singer-songwriter from South-West London creating music that can be the soundtrack to everyday adventures. She describes her music as pop fused with cinematic arrangements which has been inspired by soundtracks andfilm scores. “I’ve always been a fan of soundtracks, so I love the idea of someone imagining they are in a movie when listening to my songs. After all, life is more exciting when you pretend you’re in a movie!” she says. ‘All I need’ is a cinematic love story in sound. Featuring a blend of heartbeat like drums and dreamy strings, it’s about the rush of falling in love and the rollercoaster of emotions, from anticipation to excitement, that follow. She says, “I would describe it as a magical sound, I smile listening to it every time. The chorus, especially the 2nd, emulates epic movie vibes, think Taylor Swift and Enya meet Hans Zimmer.” Listen below.

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