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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Essex’s grunge powerhouse Bridget., effortlessly commands audiences with her electric stage presence. Her distinctive vocal growl and punk-fuelled singles have featured on BBC Radio 1’s Introducing Rock & Total Rock. A formidable artist in the same vein of Amyl and The Sniffers, Hole, and Wolf Alice. Raw. Unapologetic. The true spirit of grunge and punk rock; her “run-into-battle” energy is not to be missed. ‘Take Me Down’ is the last track on her new EP and “I think it sums Damage Reversal up in a nutshell,” she says. “It’s probably the most raw, vocally and packs quite a punch. It’s empowering to perform live and I think everyone should remind themselves to not let people get you down.” Listen below.

Frankie Davies
‘Never Used To Cry’ is Jersey-born Frankie Davies’ first single since the birth of her son in 2021. It is an emotional admission of the inherent doubt present in the life of a creative and an impassioned reminder of the value of art in all its guises. Most importantly, it is a beautiful, heart-thumping epic of a song. “I wrote ‘Never Used To Cry’ in Nashville while feeling homesick, alone and full of doubt,” says Frankie. “It poured out of me and onto the page. I worry that I’m wasting time trying to pursue a career in music. That perhaps I should be with my family, watching kids grow up or working in a more stable job. This song is an acknowledgement of that doubt but also a battle cry against it.” Listen below.

Tymisha is an independent singer-songwriter from Hull and has released her second single. This song is called ‘Thin White Lines’ . “It’s the first song I ever wrote when I was 15 and this kick started my career in music. This song is about losing friends via drugs. You can see this in the lyrics and the music behind this which helps to show altered states and perceptions,” she says. Listen below.

Maxine Scott
UK rising star and unstoppable energy, Maxine Scott has announced her debut EP titled Confessions. The EP is an exploration of alternative R&B, soul and jazz. Confessions, serves as an intimate diary, baring the raw and unfiltered narratives of her life. As the EP unfolds, Maxine invites us into her world, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the universal themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. Listen to the new single ‘Sinner’ below.

Combing a modern, yet organic R&B sound with sweet, but powerful vocals, Klemntyna is an artist of the world, born in Warsaw, and currently living between New York and London. she began her musical journey at just 12, inspired by pop powerhouse artists, including Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston that evolved into a lifelong passion for singing, and pushed her to pursue a career in music. Her debut album SHE is set to be released in March and sets a precedent for her unique sound and impactful lyrics that will continue to evelop with her career. Klemntyna has a passion for empowering women and alongside her music career, modelling and art/tech entrepeneurship, she also started the online Gen Z women’s collective FemZquared in 2020 to uplift women through storytelling. The title track for SHE is out now and this is what Klemntyna had to say on the song: “This single stands as a song for women empowerment encouraging women to embrace their own journey & narrative.” Listen below.

Anna May
Originally from Connecticut, before becoming a western transplant, Anna May is a singular artist whose songs bear a placelessness that lends to their timeless nature. The deep exploration of heartbreak and trauma has been an ongoing quest throughout Anna’s work. Her lyrics have been heavily textured by a lonesome whimsicality that finds itself most at home in the vastness of the American West. Anna’s music honors the nomadic spirit with memory, meditation & fresh interpretations of folk music and jazz influence. She honors a hope to enhance connection, humility, healing, and joy among people in the process of parting with typical genre rules. Anna’s lyrical sensibility is steeped in wisdom, and layered with evocative musicality and metaphysical embroidery while eschewing the mainstream & parting with platitudes. Anna explores both estrangement and connection while taking cues from artists like Billie Holiday, Shawn Colvin, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen. As a yogi, pianist, teacher & poet, she masterfully blends all of her influences into her songwriting. Listen to her latest single ‘Cloaked In Rain’ below.

Irish vocalist, songwriter and video maker Jillelli has just released her latest single ‘You’re too Sweet’ . A sugary electro-pop track with nods to 90’s house, ‘You’re too Sweet’ is a delicious refute to cheap chat up lines. ‘You’re too Sweet’ is Jillelli’s fifth release which she produced alongside Kevin Brennan and Whenthebeatisbad with vocal samples from Pietro Stradiotti. Listen below.

Renowned singer-songwriter Larissa Tormey is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of her second single under her new pop persona, LARA V. Following her remarkable foray into the pop music scene in March 2023, Larissa has been diligently crafting a diverse catalogue of pop songs through her participation in the DWB Publishing (UK) songwriting mentorship course. Having immersed herself in co-writing for the past 10 months, Larissa has successfully compiled an extensive collection of pop compositions, showcasing her versatility as an artist. These songs have been recorded not only by Larissa herself but also by various talented vocalists, with submissions made to pop record labels globally. However, Larissa’s musical journey does not end there. With an unwavering love for folk and singer-songwriter genres, Larissa continues to release music under her original brand established in 2014—Larissa Tormey. Under her pop pseudonym LARA V, Larissa is thrilled to present her latest creation, ‘Rose Colored World,’ a song written by Larissa herself and produced by the exceptionally talented EDM producer Bram Meester from the Netherlands. Reflecting on the genesis of the track, Larissa shares, “I initially wrote ‘Rose Colored World’ as a topline with the intention of pitching it to EDM DJs. However, as the song took shape, it became evident that it was a profound reflection of my own positivity, and I knew I had to record and release it myself.” Listen below.

Hannah Hughes

Hannah Hughes is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and performer. Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in New York, Hannah has been writing songs since she was 8 years old. She has been performing frequently throughout the Southern California and New York City metropolitan area for years. Hannah released two double EP’s Temptation and Sedation in 2019, a debut album Simi in 2021, and most recently has released her new single ‘Tonite’ in 2024. Hannah is excited to release her next album later this year. ‘Tonite’ was written by Hannah Hughes. The song was recorded at New Monkey Studio in Van Nuys, California. The song was produced by Greg Cortez and mastered by Joe Bozzi. ‘Tonite’ features Adam Nye on 2nd guitar, Hugo Callejas on drums, Kyle Davis on synth/keys, and Tomo Iwaki on bass guitar. Listen below.

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