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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Sydney Grace
Sydney Grace is an independent singer-songwriter and artist based in Nashville, TN and originally from Massachusetts. She currently attends Belmont University as a junior songwriting major and is very involved in the Nashville music scene, playing writer’s rounds any chance she gets. She is very excited to be releasing an EP this coming April which she has been working on for the past couple of months. Sydney considers her greatest musical influences to be Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, Kelsea Ballerini, and Lizzy McAlpine. ‘Such A Man’ is her new single. This is what she had to say on it: “I am the sole writer on this song. I finished writing it in December of 2023 and loved it so much that I had to record it right away! It was produced by myself, and Daniel Elliot. It was mixed and mastered by Daniel Elliot as well. Cover art was done all DIY by myself!” Listen below.

LONA presents herself ruthlessly authentic, wrapping her vulnerable lyrics in a powerful voice within a garment of raw, English punchy-pop. Her hybrid sound, propelled by strong drum beats, distorted guitars, and electronic soundscapes, takes inspiration from artists like Paramore, Upsahl, FLETCHER, and PVRIS. LONA carries this energy onto the stage, exuding confidence and passion. She is the voice for a generation dealing with a ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ and redefining the journey into adulthood. In this uncertainty, her music serves as a source of self-discovery and hope for many. Immerse yourself in LONA’s sincere lyrics and captivating performances, allowing yourself to be swept away by her alternative pop sound. Her new single is titled ‘Crash’. “‘Crash’ is abour inner boundaries, the emotional tightrope of a relationship, and self-destructive patterns,” explains LONA. “As a hypersensitive person, I demand a lot from my partner and regularly rely on their support. Fully aware that our protective shield thins with each instance, I seek stability while inadvertently sabotaging myself. ‘Crash’ is my ‘Taking someone for granted anthem.'” Listen below.

Zoe Jennings
Following on from the success of her most recent EP Do You Mind?, Zoe Jennings swapped beaches for the city life of London to further pursue her music. A year on, Zoe is back with her new single ‘Ignorant’ after she spent time in the studio with Kevin Andersson (Sarah Klang) in Sweden. Zoe Jennings (formerly known as ZÖ) debuted her first EP in 2019 which showcased her powerful vocals and emotive lyricism which set the stage for the authentic and personal music she’s known for. ‘Ignorant’ is a lively, up-beat folk pop song about wanting to be a kid again, after the fears of the future and growing older brought Zoe a lot of anxiety. It touches on the pains of being away from family after she moved to London for music. “The world felt really heavy, and I didn’t have much hope for the future anymore, she explains. “I wanted to touch on that feeling, but make it a fun, light-hearted song. I didn’t want to add anymore doom and gloom to the world as it seems there’s already enough of it.” Listen below.

Elly Darrall
Elly Darrall is a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist based in London. Her folk-pop songs are like love letters, filled with emotional, honest lyrics and timeless, soothing vocals. Elly has had a passion for music from a very young age. She sang and played piano, and grew up listening to icons such as David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and Joni Mitchell, just to name a few. She has always been fascinated by artists of the 60s and 70s, and her musical style often reflects her admiration. She properly began writing songs in 2022 and has never looked back. Her debut single ‘Hesitate’ is out now. ‘Hesitate’ is about knowing that the people you care for- be that friends, family, loved ones, or anyone else you hold near and dear- will always be there for you. They are always just a call away. It’s a song about feeling loved. To Elly, ‘Hesitate’ always feels like a huge hug when she performs it. Listen below.

Lauran Beth
Drawing from a number of musical influences throughout her life, 21-year-old singer, songwriter, busker and university student Lauran Beth has released her new acoustic love song called ‘astrology’. Inspired by the classic legends Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Elvis Presley and The Beatles, as well as modern artists like The 1975 and Laufey, Lauran beautifully amalgamates all of her favourite genres to create her own sound – one of softness, acoustics and atmosphere. Lauran has been building her music career the past number of years. About ‘astrology’, Lauran states “the song explores the feelings of liking somebody so much that they almost become apart of you, and the fear that is associated with making these feelings known.” Listen below.

East London singer-songwriter MIYA REU returns with a cathartic musical journey in her latest track, ‘Overdrive’. Written during an uncertain period of her life, MIYA REU confronts her battle with depression in the raw and hypnotic ‘Overdrive.’ Reflecting on her struggle for freedom from her reality, she shares, “I wrote ‘Overdrive’ after a few years of recovering from depression, recalling the feeling of being stuck in my own mind with no control as I began to pick up the pieces of myself. This song encapsulates the journey of syncing my heart and mind, seeking to reclaim the person I once knew.” Produced by talented artist and producer Strama, ‘Overdrive’ features ethereal synths and pulsating drums, creating a sonic landscape that signifies the intense emotions explored in the track. MIYA REU’s rich tone and emotionally charged vocals drive the song, building up to a beautifully intense crescendo—a metaphorical depiction of her fight for freedom from herself. ‘Overdrive’ is not just a song; it’s a story of acceptance and reclamation. MIYA REU’s narrative serves as a poignant reminder to listeners that they are not alone, offering a testament to the strength, passion, and power used to overcome mental health challenges. “It’s okay to feel like you have no control; that, in itself, is powerful.” Listen below.

Imber is Cecilia Nicolè, a Venetian singer-songwriter whose sound blends ethereal melodies with more intricate electronic productions. Influenced by the likes of James Blake, Aurora and Tori Amos, Imber combines her curiosity for the unknown with her hometown origins resulting in songs that seem to come from a place far away. ‘Fallen Angel’ is the second single by singer-songwriter Imber and it tells the story of a once-hopeful friendship that shatters in tiny pieces. As if it were a tale, the narrator is a court jester who reminisces on the past telling the story of how his entertainment was once highly appreciated, still now he feels useless and lost. Listen below.

Mary Ann
Mary Ann is a solo independent artist hailing from Porto, Portugal. She has been involved in various facets of music over the course of her life, including television programs and more. Mary Ann studied musical theater and marketing, and during the pandemic, she became a vocal coach at the same conservatory where she studied. She also began her solo project with friend and producer Mike More during that time frame. In new single ‘Pressure’, Mary Ann empowers listeners to take control and free themselves from this burden by focusing on themselves. ‘Pressure’ is a deep, raw alternative pop-rock track with lyrics such as “let me inspire you to see your higher self” set amid synthesizers, keyboards, and distorted guitars. Listen below.

Brea Fournier & the Dream Ballet
Brea Fournier & The Dream Ballet have unveiled their latest musical masterpiece, Manic Pixie Dream Girl!, a 17 track pop-punk feminist album that follows the journey of a twenty-something free-spirited woman who rebels against her assigned role as a shallow indie film trope. Brea Fournier & the Dream Ballet is an NYC-based pop-rock/pop-punk collective. Composed of singer and songwriter Brea Fournier, guitarist Ben Shanblatt, drummer Sophia Bondi, and bassist Noah Rosner, their sound has been described as “Paramore, but in the ’80s” and “Joan Jett attitude meets Joni Mitchell lyricism.” In February of 2024, the band released their debut rock opera Manic Pixie Dream Girl!, recorded with producer Barb Morrison (Franz Ferdinand/Blondie). Title track ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’, is a pop-rock ballad that sounds like the prerequisite to the end credits of a coming-of-age film. “It’s dreamy but melancholy like it’s on the edge of something infinite,” says Brea. “It’s like the sunset of this album, shining brightly, before settling down again so it can shine more. ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ is the point where she becomes self-aware, but isn’t quite at the pinnacle of her journey yet. She embraces freedom from the label, wanting to live as her own person, away from the fantasies the other person has projected onto her.” Listen below.

Planet CeCe
Featuring shoegaze guitars, 808 drums and crisp, catchy vocals, Planet CeCe’s ‘no self-lover’ explores the dichotomy of ignorance and self-awareness to the negative effects of social media consumption. The track is both dreamy, melancholic and energetic. CeCe pulls you into the chaos of her mind with trippy vocal effects and epic guitar solos inspired by the likes of DIIV and U2. ‘no self-lover’ speaks not only for herself, but all of GenZ, who have grown up in the virtual world and can relate to the plight of screen addiction and excessive self-comparison. Listen below.

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