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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Chanpan is an up-and-coming Asian American group composed of Grace Dumdaw and identical twins Lance and Matthew Tran. Since their start busking the streets of Chinatown to being caught in viral videos, they’ve already been praised by Vogue as a “very cool New York band”. Dropping this week, their new single ‘ooweeooweeoo’ is a fun, fresh genre-bender with fat drums, ethereal vocals, & an infectious live instrument loops for a sampled sound. Its lyrics are a reminder of cosmic unity—perfect for cheering you up when you feel like you’re stuck in a bubble. Listen below.

Sarah O’Moore
Irish singer-songwriter Sarah O’Moore is set to release her debut EP, Social Paralysis, on April 28. Inspired by James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’, O’Moore crafts a contemporary narrative, delving into themes of social stagnation and the struggles faced by today’s youth. Ahead of the EP’s launch, O’Moore is set to unveil two singles, both integral parts of Social Paralysis. The first single, ‘Troubled Mind,’ out now, offers a glimpse into the depth and emotional resonance of the forthcoming EP. This track, alongside the EP’s other singles, paints a vivid picture of addiction, domestic abuse, and the struggles of neglected youth, all against a backdrop of rich musical layers. Speaking on her inspiration, O’Moore states, “I wanted to give voice to those silenced by their own battles, shedding light on the complexities of modern life.” Social Paralysis serves as a testament to resilience, offering solace and solidarity to those grappling with unseen hardships. With its release on the horizon, Sarah O’Moore’s EP promises to be a captivating journey through the depths of human experience. Listen to ‘Troubled Mind’ below.

Tangerine Cassette
Welcome to the whimsical world of Tangerine Cassette, a songwriting/producing duo conjured by the quirky minds of Josh Roach and Natalie Cleveland. Tangerine Cassette will infiltrate your earballs with tunes that are as catchy as a rogue sneeze in a library. Blending big beats and memorable melodies that cling like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth, their music will take you on a journey through genres and maybe even leave you craving a citrusy, retro remix. With a hands-on approach to their craft, Tangerine Cassette formed in 2021 crafting what they affectionately term “noise pop,” infusing their music with unique sounds sourced from everyday life. From sampling spoons in a ziplock bag for a backbeat to capturing the rhythm of windshield wipers or the hum of a blender, they transform mundane into magical, crafting infectious tunes that resonate with audiences. Their genre-hopping abilities leave their music as diverse as your Bumble matches. ‘Down,’ the debut single by Tangerine Cassette (Natalie Cleveland x Josh Roach) in collaboration with Willyecho (Kyle Williams), concocts a seamless blend of pop, electronic dance, and just a sprinkle of the ’70s. Individually skilled in writing and producing their own music, all three share their songwriting and producing talents with other artists as well. Tangerine Cassette and Willyecho’s joint effort on ‘Down’ not only marks a compelling debut single for Tangerine Cassette but is a glittering invitation for overthinkers and those with anxiety to step out of their cerebral mazes, shake what their neurons gave ’em, and liberate their minds one dance move at a time. Listen below.

Brother and sister, Helena and Andreas finally combined their love for music and art creation in general. For years, Andreas had released music under a different alias, which makes him a rather experienced player in the music industry today. Helena, on the other hand, spent a great part of her youth being a well known YouTuber in Denmark, with over 70k subscribers. During the time of their individual projects, Andreas tried convincing Helena to join forces with him, since singing was always a big part of her life, she just wasn’t ready to show the world yet. However, today it all makes sense for the both of them, since writing songs and singing them out loud isn’t something you just do – it has to come from somewhere. When Helena first started writing their debut song ‘Trophy’, she felt the need to shed light on how society approaches love and dating in this day and age. “We’re all playing the same old game.” The fact that breaking up and finding another partner any time you want to, is something that strikes a wrong note in her. Where is the true dedication? As she sings in the song ‘Throw yourself out there, they say – but keep your heart to yourself.” The song then got a new meaning when joining Andreas in the studio to record it, since getting new eyes on it, and underlying music made it feel empowering and quite the opposite of the critical view on society. The song wasn’t meant to be directly positive and uplifting at first, but rather a way to express her honest thoughts about a certain topic. In other words, the song first became whole, when the idea of the post-chorus came to them. “Throw yourself, throw yourself out there” repeated over and over. This is the exact line that provoked her deeply, when people told her to do it in real life. She took their “bad advice” and twisted it into something that she wholeheartedly believes in. The act of actually throwing yourself out there, and at the same time allowing oneself to be vulnerable in the process without the fear of getting hurt. Helena believes that this is the only true way to experience a real connection and that relationships are a reflection of aspects within oneself. Listen below.

Based in London, Incremona is an independent singer-songwriter with a strong interest in figurative arts. Emerging from an Italian background, her music is a fusion of pop, contemporary jazz, and lo-fi. Love and Goodbyes aren’t two compatible words yet LUVABYES shares this pain. This captivating collection of five spontaneous, raw, intimate and heartbreaking lullabies offers an emotive journey perfect to listen to before bed, in times of tears, or amidst the calming embrace of the sea, eyes closed, and the salty breeze. These songs are right for you if you need a hug. Set against a backdrop of Pop/Low-Fi sounds, whether you seek solace or simply crave a moment of intimacy, these songs deliver an experience that resonates deeply with the heart = hopefully it will make you cry. Sometimes, we all have to say goodbye to someone we love… and that’s ok… …isn’t it? Incremona says of stand out track ‘Mango’: 2Dating, like a bitter mango, may taste sour, yet it’s nobody’s fault. My nana always told me that a broken heart is worth every single tear. – It will make you stronger and wiser – she said.” Listen below.

Yodashe’s ‘EASTER’is the third single to be released from her upcoming self-produced debut album. Written on Easter day during the first London lockdown, ‘EASTER’ is a haunting reflection on the early days of the pandemic, capturing the depression and disorientation that came with sudden isolation. The song’s asymmetrical form mirrors its chaotic subject matter, with a violent and turbulent second half that creates a sense of dizziness. Throughout, Yodashe’s voice becomes gradually unrecognizable, representing humanity’s mutation into something detached and inhumane. It is an ambitious track that dives deep into our forever warped realities with stunning effect. Listen below.

Sarah Lacey
Sarah Lacey is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Vancouver who reaches into her personal life experiences to create music that many can relate to while keeping honest and vulnerable. Sarah grew up in the music theatre and competitive dance world and loves to create music that makes you want to dance to. ‘Can We Pretend’ is Sarah’s second release. It has a unique sound that is pushing boundaries on what indie pop means. Taking inspiration from Taylor Swift, Lizzy McAlpine, Maisie Peters, and HAIM, Sarah is able to combine her personal storytelling capabilities with her power driven music. “My new song ‘Can We Pretend’ is an indie pop track that pulls inspiration from Gracie Abrams, Maggie Rogers, and Lorde. It’s a moody pop song that follows the post relationship blues,” she says. Listen below.

Moweh – a West African, Liberian name roughly translated to “Who is this?” Or “What is this?”, the experience of questioning and curiosity, is the solo project of Liberian Singer, Songwriter, and Producer, Faith-Joy Kpoto. Inspired by artists like Solange, Billie Holiday, Portishead, Fela Kuti, FKA Twigs, Björk, Kimbra— their music combines elements of Alternative, Blues, Experimental, Rock, Electronic and West African drums/rhythms to create an interesting, familiar, yet unique sound. They have been singing since they were 5 – and grew up singing alto in the choir. Moweh describes their music as “a journey” and “short stories”…. They have worked with artists like Solomon Temple, Sweetz, Kitson, BJxCC and written for a few other artists both in Liberia, and the United States. Their debut single ‘The Lonely’ is out now. “I wrote and did the initial production of ‘The Lonely’ a few years ago using the mic on my wired headphone,” says Moweh. “I remember creating the “Ooooo” vocal sample in the beginning, and then hitting record, closing my eyes, and singing what is now the first verse. I spent a long time recording and re-recording vocals for this record and ended up using majority of the demo vocals. When intimacy becomes unsafe, and the safety of a bed a trap, the project came out as an answer to the questions “How does this feel?” Or “Do I want this?” It was a journal entry I had to vocalize. ‘The Lonely’ is the realization of being wanted but ultimately used. Saying “I don’t have to stay, and be your hiding place” & “I don’t want to be the one to break your fall.”Underneath all of it is, it is the sadness of being used as a temporary escape from loneliness. All the questioning…. The feeling of feelings, the looking, and finding of answers in this project, and like the name is the core of the music I make.” ‘The Lonely’ is the first installment into the exploration of Moweh’s curiosities. Listen below.

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