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ren.y.c is an artist whose music serves as a canvas for her self-expression. From a young age, music has been a constant companion, evolving from listening to favourite tracks at home to crafting her own melodies within those very walls. ren.y.c turns to music as a genuine form of articulating her feelings and thoughts, with each piece reflecting her current state of mind and emotions. Her creative process is deeply intertwined with her mood, making her music a direct reflection of her life’s moments. For ren.y.c, music is more than just an artistic endeavour; it’s a source of joy and fulfilment. Her tracks are imbued with authenticity, each one a testament to her commitment to truthfully expressing herself. Her connection to her faith is a guiding force in her life, infusing her work with depth and meaning. Watch the video for her latest single ‘Sick’ below.

Here’s a wild one: ‘Alter Ego” brings together Florida hip-hop stars Doechii and JT (of City Girls fame) for a high-energy Eurodance-inspired pop-rap throwdown. It’s got a massive two-word hook that will get stuck in your head (accented with high-pitched cheerleader-chant vocals), a frenetic jock-jam dance beat that will move your body, and bars upon bars of confident shit talk from its leading ladies. [via Stereogum]

The Concrete Boys‘ leading lady KARRAHBOOO has unleashed her third solo studio single. Dubbed ‘RIP FOLLIES,’ the two-minute track from the Not The Two arrives after a few weeks of Instagram teasing, and just a few days after Lil Yachty officially launched his Concrete Rekordz label. “Big Booo,” she kicks off. “I make btches and nggas nervous / I’ll still jack son like Curtis / I still geek up on purpose (Go) / My btches freaks, it was just last week that I hit Saint Laurent and I burned it (Us) / I been holdin’ my chains in the air since I walked in this btch like f*ck it, I earned it (Ooh),” she continues on the catchy chorus. The pithy offering comes with a captivating visual as well. Directed by AMD Visuals, a longtime Yachty visual collaborator, the ‘RIP FOLLIES’ video is drenched in vibrant hues and striking landscapes. KARRAHBOOO dons a selection of statement outfits that match her backgrounds, wearing a pair of Coca Cola pants in a room lined with Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup pieces along the wall and a large box of Marlboro Reds in the middle – spitting bars from atop of life-size Campbell’s Soup can. [via Hypebeast]

If you are looking to take a break from the traditional trap rap sounds of Southern hip-hop, look no further than BbyMutha. She is certainly doing things differently than most MCs from the area everything from the production to the vocals. A little over a month ago, the Chattanooga resident announced a new album, as well as an accompanying tour to boot. She will be dropping sleep paralysis on April 19, which is two days after she heads out for her 25 shows. To further promote her eighth project, BbyMutha is bringing out the third single which is called ‘lines.’ Out of ‘go!’ and ‘gun kontrol,’ this may be her craziest and most zany track from the album yet. BbyMutha’s ‘lines’ definitely lives up to the title is has. This three-minute track gives you the feeling after taking some seriously trippy psychedelics. The warped beat and hallucinating vocal delivery from her tie everything together in the perfect way that only she could do. [via HNHH]

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