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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Elizabeth Hume
Seattle based artist Elizabeth Hume is releasing her second EP kicking it all off with the release of ‘fact or fiction’ which Elizabeth wrote on her trip to Europe in the summer of 2023. Recorded at a summer beach house back in Washington state, Elizabeth collaborated with producer Nolan Garrett. This release is the first single of a 5 song EP. They took inspiration from a wide range of artists in the recording process especially up and coming indie artists like Keni Titus, Quinnie, Alix Page, and Kristiane. Listen to ‘fact or fiction’ below.

Hannah Mazey
An indie-rock track described as a candid exploration of the trials and triumphs of dating in your 20s from a female perspective. Driven by punchy guitars and groovy basslines, ‘PRETENTIOUS’ marks a departure from Mazey’s lo-fi roots, signalling a bold new era for the burgeoning artist. Her witty lyrics, delivered with a quick and clever flow, offer listeners a glimpse into the complexities of modern romance. Fearlessly confronting toxic masculinity and manipulation, she pens the track from the perspective of naivety, embodying someone who allows themselves to be subjected to such treatment. Mazey invites audiences to join her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Listen below.

Rachel Croft
Independent alt-rock artist Rachel Croft releases her new single ‘PACIFY ME’, an explosive female-forward anthem, about the frustrating pressure to conform as a woman in the music industry. Direct and rebellious, the track starts deceptively dreamlike, before striking with blistering raw energy. With signature shifts and surprises at every turn, Croft harnesses the spirit of Alanis Morrisette in this thunderous modern classic. “I wanted this to be gutteral,” she says. “My whole career (well, life actually) I’ve felt as though I’ve battled to express myself fully. It drives you nuts! Balancing the instinct to create the best work I possibly can with the very female trait to make everyone around me comfortable and happy has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as an artist, and general human. At every turn, there was a barrier. Be less, be nice, be softer, don’t shout, don’t growl, don’t be angry. Be attractive, but don’t be sexy, don’t show your legs, don’t wear that. Please everyone, all at once. Well, that’s COMPLETELY impossible. I would know because I tried hard to do so for a long time. Every single negative bit of feedback had me shrinking back into my corner, obsessing for days. And my music suffered because of it. I’ve had enough of it. This is my art. I have to make this stuff for me, it’s the only way to not drive yourself insane.” Listen below.

Gaby Duboisjoli
The beginning of a new era for French-British artist Gaby Duboisjoli, stepping into her electro-cabaret-pop self. ‘Say Please’ is the first single from her upcoming EP Feel Me, supported by Help Musicians. Four songs will explore intimacy and carnal pleasures in a multi-sensorial way. ‘Say Please’ was co-produced with Tony Sage and Joe Sage (no relation). Evocative of “Portishead in thigh-high boots”, it is a throbbing, tension-building piece that will tease and titillate the listener into the most confident version of themselves, or finally give them permission to submit fully to their vulnerability. Gaby Duboisjoli, a bilingual artist born in France and based in London, captivates audiences with her soulful vocals and electrifying energy on stage. Raised by parents who were cancan soloists at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, Gaby was immersed in a world of rhythm and melody from birth. And so, at the tender age of 17, she made the leap to London, driven by her deep passion for music. An alumnus of the Songwriting and Production Masters at Tileyard, her music exudes a “wacky sensibility” weaving together elements of jazz, pop, rock, and electro into a seamless tapestry of sound. Her expressive and playful voice sets her apart, infusing each note with raw emotion and heartfelt depth. Gaby’s songs delve into universal themes of love, sexuality, relationships with oneself, and hope against a seemingly ever-worsening world. Through her music, she explores the intricacies of human connection, in spirit and in the flesh, and the relentless pursuit of optimism in the face of adversity. Listen to ‘Say Please’ below.

Anna Dot
Anna Dot is a Sydney-based singer-songwriter with a passion for making music that is as honest as it is catchy. Her songs feel like a D&M with your best friend and are a blend of indie soft pop, indie folk, small room, chamber pop and lilith. Following her debut album Tangled which was independently released in the midst of the pandemic, she’s set to drop her new EP Detox in 2024, its core theme being learning to let go. Featuring ethereal soundscapes and bittersweet lyrics, it’s the perfect soundtrack for anyone who needs a little push to let go of a failed relationship, a toxic friendship, limiting beliefs or even one’s home – Born in Vienna, Austria herself, Anna’s no stranger to themes of homesickness and the quest for belonging. Anna Dot’s music has grown up with her over the years, and has graduated from acoustic solo pieces to fully orchestrated band tracks, with the upcoming EP featuring collaborations with musicians who have worked with the likes of Nardean, Montaigne, Thelma Plum and Charli Lucas – all the while staying true to her authentic self and her own roots as a songwriter and lyricist. In light of April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Anna Dot releases ‘Body Language’, a raw and intimate track about sex and consent that’ll send shivers down your spine. Navigating a one-night stand gone awry, Anna Dot offers a poignant glimpse into the female experience and the pressure to please others at the expense of personal boundaries. As the lyrical protagonist comes to terms with a harsh reality, listeners are haunted by Anna Dot’s powerful songwriting and honest delivery, inspired by Jensen McRae, Stella Donnelly, and Eloise. Listen below.

Kelley Cole
On April 15th 2023 Kelley Cole owed the IRS money for the first time. A lot of money (to her). After she paid it and watched her bank account run dry… she sat on the floor in her room and wrote this song with a guitar, a notepad and some colored pencils. Nostalgic, playful, and bitingly raw, Kelley Cole’s latest single ‘twenty five’ is a heart-wrenching ode to girlhood. This guttural rock song, built on a warm and sturdy foundation, offers the comfort of a well-loved sweater while delivering cuttingly harsh confessions (like the fact that things change, and growing up is scary). Colorful toy pianos, wobbly synth lines and waves of warm electric guitars cradle Cole’s twisting vocal delivery throughout the cathartic build up and release of the track, recorded at Omni Sounds Studios and Gnome Studios in Nashville, TN. Sprinkled with daydreams and delusions, haunting questions and bare truths, ‘twenty five’ is the song every twenty something needs to scream along to when they lose their way. Or. to put it more simply, it’s the song you put on to feel less alone. Self produced and solely written by Ms. Cole, this release marks a brave new direction, one centered on her fervor for truth and authenticity. It is the first release in anticipation of her first body of work, the upcoming EP when will I feel alright. Listen below.

The 76 Club
Formed in 2022, in the brewing town of Burton onTrent, by guitarist Joel Colmey and drummer Riley Gillard. The 76 Club are a 5 piece alternative rock outfit. Combining ethereal guitar tones with punchy, bass-ridden choruses, the group are named The76 Club, the group pay homage to the infamous club in their hometown, that was a prominent point of inspiration for the band in its formative stages. April 5 marked the release of The 76 Club’s third single ‘Ava’. Written by drummer Riley, ‘Ava’ tells the story of a teenage girl battling with self-harm. The emphatic highs and somber lows within the song are a real-life reflection of the emotions involved in such a prevalent issue amongst teenage girls. Lyrically, this is The 76 Club’s most honest offering so far. Musically, the band deliver what is to be expected- vehement choruses, bursting with emotion and attitude followed by a rather intimate bridge section later in the song, where the emotion and influence behind the song is really driven home. A powerful testament to a cause close to the band, and if nothing else, ‘Ava’ aims to shine a light on an issue not adequately spoken about. Listen below.

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