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This segment features artists who have submitted their tracks/videos to She Makes Music. If you would like to be featured here then please send an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!

Sherayah is an alternative folk-pop artist drawing inspiration from the likes of Lord Huron, Stephen Sanchez, and Maggie Rogers. She has just released her debut single, ‘Blue Moon’. Sherayah says, “Growing up in Modesto, CA, my dream of creating music always seemed out of reach, leading me to bury those aspirations. However, with time, I began to feel a growing creative void. It wasn’t until recently that I gained enough courage to unearth those buried dreams. This song is the first step in honoring that long-held dream and I hope it encourages others to follow their own dreams.” Listen below.

Everyday Saints
Everyday Saints have released their single ‘rumspringa’. Based in Brighton, Everyday Saints has been active as a group since Spring 2023. In this time, the band has worked hard on their presence on the live scene, playing many shows across the south coast and London. They have supported such acts as Starbenders, Februeder, and Wych Elm, as well as performing their own first headline show to a packed room at Green Door Store, Brighton, in Jan 2024. ‘Rumspringa’ shows the band finalizing their indie-pop style, after forays into darker electronic music with previous releases. The song explores religious theming and escaping from sexual repression, put into an upbeat and dancey ‘love’ song. Songwriter Pip Rainbird describes the song as: “about the son of a preacher man. Or it’s about being seduced by the devil. Or it’s about fruity cultists seducing each other. Or all of the above.” Listen below.

Hadewig Kras grasps what others don’t notice. She isn’t only an artist; she creates new pathways where there are none. With a tireless passion for innovation and a vision that knows little bounds, she leads the charge in the music industry, re-imagining the way we look at artists. Her fearless spirit and determination to challenge the status quo pushes the envelope and evolves change, and her heart for the truth explores the nuances of music, uncovering insights, rituals and practices that sometimes passed on through centuries, with the goal of creating a future that is more equal and just for woman. Hadewig Kras is a heretic artisan in music who, with care, meticulously hones her expertise, and creates authentic songs that are based on tradition and fit the new paradigm that asks for equity, and therefore will probably stand the test of time. Listen to latest release ‘She’s Your Dog’ below.

Rebecca Karpen
Folk singer-songwriter Rebecca Karpen has delighted audiences around New York City with her witty, beautiful, and honest music. She is excited to release what may be her most poignant work yet: ’23’. Rebecca bravely sings about her “Christ Complex for the Ages” and how it almost cost her everything. She brilliantly weaves verse and melody into an intricate 7 minute ballad. In doing so, she reveals her soul, which draws the listener in and makes them hang onto each carefully crafted word. You will not regret pressing play to this confessional anthem that speaks to the fantasies “commonplace for girls of 19” and the realities she faced years later at 23-years-old. ’23’ was written by Rebecca Karpen, produced and mixed by Jake Tavill, and mastered by Gabi Grella. Listen below.

Whether you’re trying to feel like the main character on your dog walk, or reminding your bff she is THAT girl, ‘He’ll Never Listen’ is the perfect Gen Z pop anthem. It was written by Liverpool-based independent artist Laro. Influenced by fellow female pop artists like Maisie Peters and Bellah Mae, Laro has began growing an audience across the UK and Europe and hope to keep making music that resonates with people of a similar age. Listen to ‘He’ll Never Listen’ below.

Sydney Mira
Sydney Mira’s music is influenced by the darker pop sounds and creative lyricism of musicians such as Banks, Julia Wolf, Tate McRae, and Taylor Swift, coupled with the etheral stylings of Ellie Goulding , Astrid S and Sadie Jean. Sydney’s lyrics afe take straight from her journal – honest, close to the heart, occasionally sarcastic, and confessional in their vulnerability. Sydney has always found it easier to write and sing her feelings rather than speak them aloud. As a passionate, fiery, and strong-willed Sagittarius, Sydney is always striving to break free of limitations, and songwriting is her escape. Her newest single ‘SnipSnip’ is out now. “This single is about cutting out the toxicity in your life and understanding your self-worth, which is a message that is important to me and one which I strongly advocate. I believe others may feel this as well,” she says. Listen below.

Following the release of her debut EP, ‘mirage’ is the latest single from rising r&b-pop singer/songwriter GABRIELA. This edgy alt-pop track explores themes of hurt, unrequited love, and coming to understand that things are deeper than what you see at first glance. With ear-catching yet heartfelt lyrics, a unique melodic take, and passionate vocals, ‘mirage’ tells a story of someone learning to walk away from a relationship that is abusing their kindness. Calling on inspiration from artists like Renee Rapp, Japanese House, and SZA, ‘mirage’ demands to be felt and leaves you wanting more. Listen below.

Angela Chambers
Angela Chambers is an Alternative-Pop, American-born flautist, vocalist and performance artist based between the US and Berlin, Germany. ​’Say It To My Face’ is the first single from Angela Chambers’ new solo EP written and recorded in Nashville with Doug Romanow. An alt-pop explosion of a song in which she awakens her own senses and audience to a new era of self-discovery and awareness. When it comes to matters of the heart, this song is an ode to the desire for change, desire for the truth, and the desire to be heard face to face. Listen below.

Cenzina is a Melbourne(Naarm) based contemporary pop singer/songwriter who began recording music in 2015. Her music can be described as synth-based Europop with influences from 80’s pop music. She has performed at Scorcher Fest, Reservoir Stomp, Bergy Bandroom, Musicland and Whole Lotta Love. She has released her 11th single ‘Brighter Day’ . It’s a pop ballad track about hope for a brighter day when we have a dark periods in our lives. Listen below.

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