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Getting To Know: Ea Othilde

Earlier this year, 17-year old Ea Othilde charmed indieheads all over the internet with her first single ‘Back To You’.

She is now proud to present her debut EP How I’d Like It To Fade, a collection of folky indie-pop gems sitting somewhere in between Clairo and Beatles’ White Album. The EP is out today via Koke Plate, an independent record label and book publisher based in Oslo.

Ea Othilde has been writing songs ever since she was 11 years old and started working on her EP when she was only 15. Musically, she finds inspiration in the likes of Elliott Smith, PJ Harvey and The Smiths. The theme of the EP revolves around dysfunctional relationships and ‘the fear of missing out’ in her adolescent years.

We had a chat with the promising artist about her background, How I’d Like It to Fade, her creative process and more. Read the Q&A below.

Hi! Please tell us a bit about yourself and what it was that led you to make music. Who/what were you influenced by growing up?

“I’m a 17-year old singer-songwriter born and raised in Oslo, Norway. I started playing the guitar and piano when I was a kid, and I guess that is what really sparked my interest in writing my own songs, which started when I was around 11 years old. I also grew up with a highly musical grandad, and I’m sure he influenced me a lot as well. Still i have a feeling that me writing music was something that came from me, it was just something i started doing. But as i started writing i found many songwriters i have looked up to and been inspired by for a long time, such as Elliott Smith.”

What can you tell us about your new EP How I’d Like It to Fade? What are the songs about and what does it mean to you?

“It feels very strange. I started working on the EP when I was 15, and I was so unexperienced and curious back then. I have a lot of feelings about this release. Working on this project has always been a really big part of my life. Most of the songs were written in the last two years and revolves around my life and the experiences that I’ve had in this period. I’ve grown so much both musically and just in general during this process, and I feel like the EP reflects this.”

What is your creative process like?

“My creative process is not very structured or planned. I usually write songs on my guitar and if I wanna take it further, I work on it with a musician and producer called Hans Olav. We worked together on my upcoming EP as well.”

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

“I write music to express what’s on my mind. So for someone to understand my music and where it comes from is what i hope it can do.”

Finally, what’s next for you? Any more new music in the works? Any gigs lined up?

“I’m playing a couple of shows around the EP release and my plan for the summer is to write new music and hopefully start recording it. I’m really looking forward to work on new material.”

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