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Introducing: Bri Oglu

Bri Oglu has released her debut single, ‘Slowly,’ an alt-pop exploration of the brief moments following a confession of love. The song talks about living in the unknown and being unsure if one is at the beginning of a new romance or at the end of a friendship.

‘Slowly’ truly sets the tone for who Bri Oglu is both as an artist and songwriter. The track, off the rising star’s forthcoming EP, follows themes of love, potential loss, and growth. These themes reoccur throughout Oglu’s creations as she uses her raw emotions and detailed storytelling to express a relatable experience through her lyrics.

As a rising artist, Bri Oglu is coming out of the gate strong with her first single, ‘Slowly,’ with more music to come. With a unique vocal tone, bold instrumentations, and emotionally evoking lyrics, Bri Oglu is an artist that is coming into her own and exploring new ways to push musical boundaries. We had a quick chat with her all about ‘Slowly’, her influences, creative process and more. Read the Q&A below.

Hi Bri! How are you? For anyone discovering you here for the first time, how would you describe your sound and your mission as an artist?

“Hi there, I’m well! I’m excited for what’s to come. I’m a pop/soul singer and I would describe my upcoming EP as “cinematic pop” or cinepop as I refer to it.

“More than anything I want my work to be authentic. As people we evolve, go through experiences and feel a range of things. As long as I’m capturing all of that honestly, I’m pretty open to what that message may be.”

What was it that led you to make music? Who were you influenced by growing up?

“I was fortunate in that I always knew what I wanted to do. I can’t remember a time when singing didn’t feel natural and right. Because of my background, I grew up listening to such a range of artists. Vocally I’d say I’m influenced by Ann Wilson (Heart), Amy Winehouse, Amy Lee, Dido, Adele, Etta James, Britney Spears, Idina Menzel… so many more.”

You’ve just released your debut track ‘Slowly.’ What was the inspiration behind the song and what do you hope listeners take away from it?

“‘Slowly’ was very much based on personal experience. I had just professed my feelings to a close friend and was in the period of (torturous) suspense before his response. I remember feeling like I was free-falling, but finding a strange comfort in it because I was still living in the possibility of him feeling the same way. It was a unique blend of emotions that I hadn’t quite experienced before and it inspired me to write.

“I actually ended up getting exactly what I asked for in my lyrics: he responded slowly. A year later in fact. We got together, the song found its voice and he ended up producing the track written about him (and killing it). It was a wild full circle experience.

“I hope the song inspires the listener to take more risks. ‘Slowly’ is ultimately about facing the anxieties that come up when we choose to brave the unknown.”

What is your creative process like? What do you enjoy the most and what do you find the most challenging?

“I find that when I designate time to “write,” it’s rarely fruitful. Inspiration has a mind of its own and strikes at unexpected times. When I’m lucky enough to have a bout of it, I sit down at my piano with a notebook and the song or sections of the song flow together from an honest space.

“The hardest part of the creative process for me is finding genuine inspiration and focus.”

Finally, what else is next for you? Will there be more music coming soon? Any shows? What are your goals for the future?

“More music! I’ll be releasing a few more singles in the coming months and my debut EP Somewhere Else. I also have a couple of exciting prospects happening at the end of the year and into 2023 but I can’t reveal them quite yet.”


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