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Photo credit: Rosie Cohe

79.5 unleash industrial-infused feminist hip hop anthem ‘B.D.F.Q.’

NYC’s 79.5 will release their self-titled sophomore album May 5 on Razor-N-Tape. Fearless and confident, the masterful melodies are immersed in the heady glow of 1970s disco and the white-hot electro of the Midwest, topped with the melodic gorgeousness of 1980s R&B.

The origins of their new song ‘B.D.F.Q.’ lay in singer, songwriter and composer Kate Mattison’s time back home in Detroit, during which she wrote the pounding anthem — which stands for “Bitch, Don’t Fucking Quit” and is released alongside an official video.

The personal call-to-arms is a reflection of Mattison’s struggles when it came to creating and releasing music in an environment fueled by misogyny and neglect. “This whole record is a big fuck you to the industry,” she explains. Reflecting on what she’s been through and landing at new label home Razor-N-Tape, Mattison says. “It’s been an ideal, dreamy situation. I feel like I’m finally being heard, which is great, and It feels like it’s finally happening how it should happen.”

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