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Photo credit: Elena Cremona

Abi Ocia shares moving new single ’30 Underwater’

West London’s Abi Ocia has shared her powerful new single ‘30 Underwater’ reflecting on life’s existential questions as she approaches the end of her twenties.

As an artist committed to guiding her audience through carefully crafted worlds of music, art, and spirituality, Ocia is widening her scope with ‘30 Underwater’. It’s her first release since 2021’s luscious offering ‘LTWYLM’ (Love the Way You Love Me).

Highlighting an immensely relatable topic, ‘30 Underwater’ finds Abi Ocia contemplating her hopes and dreams as she feels the overwhelming pressures of adult life. Co-written with acclaimed tunesmith Dan Holloway, ‘30 Underwater’ finds Ocia at her most vulnerable as she pours her heart into this moving acoustic-pop track. Her soft, heavenly vocals are filled with raw emotion, enhanced further by the track’s atmospheric production and soothing guitar riffs that provide a moment of self-reflection for the listener.

Speaking of the single, Abi Ocia explains: “‘30 Underwater’ is an accurate summary of all I’m currently feeling below the surface. An awareness of the passing of time has been a heavy theme in my life at the moment. It’s brought up many questions, particularly as I move towards the end of my 20s – where am I going in life? Should I be further along than I am? Am I running out of time to achieve certain things? What have I lost? The list goes on. It’s been a very painful season.”

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