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Photo credit: Kipras Varaneckas

AISTÈ shares new single/video ‘What’s Going On’

London-based flower child AISTÈ released her rebellious single and video ‘What’s Going On’ via Saphira Record Label.

Like an ode to the sun, ‘What’s Going On’ runs wild beneath the scorching blaze. Bringing to mind the likes of Carole King, Meghan Trainor, and Adele, the record is deeply human, a punchy yet soulful psychedelic kaleidoscope of soul and anthemic energy. AISTÈ yearns for something more, for questions answers, liberation, and passion.

AISTÈ unpacks the message behind the single: “This song represents my attempt to articulate the social, economic, and cultural entropy we are currently experiencing. We are stronger and better when we are together.”

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