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Aiza releases upbeat and playful new Afropop ode to Kenyan comedian Elsa ‘Majimbo’

Following up on the heels of the infectious and hypnotic Afropop of ‘Cocoa Butter,’ Montreal-via-Toronto artist Aiza’s first single of 2023, the polymath is returning with ‘Majimbo,’ a tribute to fellow East African queen, the Kenyan internet superstar, Elsa Majimbo.

Aiza’s braggadocious flow and a feel-good thumpy pop bassline from producer C the Reason combine to embrace an inner confidence which relates to the immense source of pride, inspiration, and joy witnessing Majimbo’s ascension has brought Aiza.

K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) lends his powerful and electric vocals to the song, who joined Aiza on a Zoom recording session from the UK with his writing partner Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist) to elevate this song’s infectious energy.

She adds: “This track will turn every sidewalk into a fashion runway and will make you feel like the main character of your life, as you should. Without a doubt, Majimbo is the feel-good afropop track of the century!”

‘Majimbo’ is the second single to be taken from Sovereignty, Aiza’s upcoming album set for release on September 27. A seamless blend of sounds from across the African continent and diaspora, from Afropop and Afrobeat to Coupé Décalé and reggaeton, with soulful R&B, Sovereignty tracks Aiza’s life lessons along a young Black woman’s path to where she is today and is driven by the idea of loving boldly.

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