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Alesia Lani refuses to be confined on ‘Breaking Me Down’

Texas-based soul songstress Alesia Lani follows up her genre-bending retro gem ‘I Don’t Mind’ with the hard rock anthem ‘Breaking Me Down’ out today through Los Angeles-based Trailing Twelve Records.

After releasing the powerful soul-funk hybrid ‘I Don’t Mind,’ Lani teamed up with producers Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam, The Cure) & Jon Keyz (Gary Clark Jr.) and Austin, TX guitarist Jackie Venson to come through with a refreshing take on nu-metal on ‘Breaking Me Down.’ Much like Lani’s other releases, her songwriting takes a fluid and dynamic approach to genre conventions. ‘Breaking Me Down’ opens with a chorus of distorted guitars and a rhythmic drum section reminiscent of 80s hair metal. However, the music is unwilling to be confined as the song gently drifts to a more light and airy bridge. The mix becomes flooded with ethereal synths as Lani’s voice flutters overhead with R&B-inspired flourishes before the buzzing of guitars jumpstarts the transition back to the chorus.

The lyrics of ‘Breaking Me Down’ tell the story of a Lani who is fed up with the status quo, she screams about feeling constricted and held down by an unseen force [Here you go/ Doing the same shit that you do…/ You let go/ No holding back]. This sentiment can be read as frustration in a romantic relationship, but it could also be extrapolated as dissatisfaction on a societal level [I cannot make you happy/ You got some shit to work out/ You’ll no longer work ’em on me]. Lani discusses her mindset when writing ‘Breaking Me Down’: “What inspired me to write this record was pure rage. Being a product of someone’s self projections and no longer accepting that type of energy.”

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