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Photo credit: Harvey Pearson

Alice Auer releases new single and EP title track ‘Baby, Cry’

British vocalist and songwriter Alice Auer has shared her new single ‘Baby, Cry’ lifted from her upcoming EP of the same name out May 26 via London tastemaker label Young Poet.

New single ‘Baby, Cry’ is a blissful blur of styles, intertwining her jazz roots with delicate, relatable pop songwriting. Anchored by a swaying rhythm section, Alice’s lyrical voice is one of empathetic worldliness, offering catharsis against the complexities of relationships and daily life – with ‘Baby, Cry’ specifically zeroing in on familial emotional repression.

Speaking on creation of new single ‘Baby, Cry’ along with its lyrical inspiration, Alice Auer said: “This was the first song I wrote with my friend, producer and songwriter – James Smith. We wrote it in one session, and we both instantly fell in love with it. It’s rare when you write a song and know right away that it’s ‘the one’. This song was written for my dad who grew up in between care before being adopted, and because of this difficult childhood, he rarely shows any sad emotions. The song is meant to be an ode to any people who find it hard to let their emotions go. The lyrics ‘If you’d just let go of the tears in your eyes, you might be able to look into mine’ – is a way to let people know it’s okay to show vulnerability and in lots of instances that can make you stronger.”

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