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Photo credit: Jesse Graham

AMANDUH shines bright in new single ‘Sparks’

A lifelong storyteller, Melbourne-based singer Amanduh brings her latest tale alive in the form of indie-pop single ‘Sparks’.

With charming guitar and a sweet Australian accent, this indie-pop song plays on the familiar with a unique charm that stands out from the crowd. With her unique lyrical flow and soothing, smooth acoustic guitar, Amanduh creates a personal, close-up soundscape blooming with authenticity.

This song is a lyrically wistful, bittersweet, and free-form story that explores a relationship that feels like there’s no real substance to it no matter how hard people try, with it becoming a lesson more than a real relationship. But despite this, Amanduh reaffirms that it’s a happy story in the end:

“Everyone can see that you’re not as a happy as you should be and then once it’s ended it clicks! This is ultimately a happy song because you’ve figured out that you deserve better. It’s a song about happiness, because you’re done wasting time on someone who just isn’t right for you.”

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