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Photo credit: Sarah Rodriguez

America Jayne shares new single/video ‘Life Of The Party’

Ahead of the release of her forthcoming sophomore EP, Shove It (due August 25), Brooklyn-based alt-rocker America Jayne shares a brand new single entitled ‘Life Of The Party,’ alongside an accompanying music video directed by Nicole Rinaldi.

‘Life Of The Party’ is an exploration into alcohol abuse. The song sees the narrator striving to be the ‘life of the party,’ even if, in an attempt to do so, they are destroying themselves. The song looks at the generation effect of alcohol abuse (“Found the bottles on Roy’s backseat. Broke Mom’s heart but took the pressure off me. Guess it runs in the genes”) as well as the destructive impact alcohol has on the narrator’s sense of self (“If I have to rely on you, how much of myself will I lose?”).

AJ began writing this song when they were considering sobriety. The day after the song was written, she quit drinking — that was 11 months ago. This song helped AJ to realize how problematic and detrimental her drinking was and she owes a lot of her sobriety to the creative process of this song. ‘Life Of the Party’ features tight group vocals, strong-rock guitars, and energetic drum solos.

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