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ANGHARAD releases debut single ‘Because I Am A Woman’

ANGHARAD is an artist and songwriter with fire, passion and unflinching honesty at the core of all her music. The first single from her debut solo album had to be ‘Because I Am A Woman’, a confident and positive ‘call to arms’.

As ANGHARAD explains: “‘Because I Am A Woman’ was written as a response to the widely accepted beliefs in the music industry that it’s not possible to be a mother and have a successful career.

“I received some hostile reactions myself when I announced that I was pregnant. I was told that I was unambitious and that I was no longer serious about following a career in music. These outdated, sexist attitudes need to change.

“This is a call to arms to any woman who has experienced similar attitudes and expressing the need to stand up for change. Rather than getting angry about it, this song says “yes we can!” And “yes, we are capable of anything!” I believe it is possible to have both, and do both well, when society will allow us.

“My mother is also a musician, but took a back seat from her musical career for some 15 years in order to focus on raising me and my sister. Even before I was ready for children, it played on my mind how could I follow a career in music and become a mother. I used to play out different scenarios in my mind, such as giving myself a certain amount of years, then a change of career.

“When the time came, I wasn’t ready for a career change. I felt I had more to offer creatively than ever before. I’d reached an age where I had knowledge, confidence and useful networks to really progress to the next level. I wasn’t prepared to let all that go simply because I’d decided to start a family.

“So far, starting a family has enhanced my creative output. I just need to be flexible, and open to thinking differently about how to manage it and get it out there. My wish is to see the industry being as open to these changes as me, and every other mother who’s tirelessly figuring out how to do both.”

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