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ANJEL releases new single/video ‘Burning Down’

Nigerian-born multi-artist and wild child ANJEL is ready to follow up on her debut single ‘Timeline’ with the brand new track ‘Burning Down’, which features Gavin Mistry of KXDS.

It’s WILLOW meets Aretha Franklin meets Machine Gun Kelly, because music knows no bounds. Her sources of inspiration are unmistakable but ANJEL stands out by applying her soulful sound to the energetic pop-punk genre.

ANJEL had this to say about the song: “I wrote ‘Burning Down’ when I was in a really bad place during the pandemic, and it’s one of those songs about the world around you coming crashing down and not knowing what to do. I then reached out to Gavin the following year as I wanted a male perspective on the song, and he obliged.”

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