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Photo credit: Omero Mumba

Annie-Dog releases sublime new track ‘Fish’

Dublin newcomer Annie-Dog releases captivating new track ‘Fish’ today via Dance To The Radio marking her 4th release of 2024 since teaming with the revered UK based indie label. The follow-up to hypnotic debut singles ‘The Pressures of the Heart’, ‘Double Cherry’ and ‘violence’66’, Annie-Dog’s latest material sees her delve further into the shapeshifting pop landscape, incorporating the influences of Grimes and Pinkpantheress within her own sublime self-production, attracting several early plaudits in the process.

Here is a quote from Annie-Dog on the song: “‘Fish’ is a song I wrote about a year ago. Being told that there are plenty of fish in thesea when going through a breakup or whatever always feels so ridiculous…because,I’m sure it is the case, but what has that got to do with me? Maybe I liked that onefish in particular. I won’t be happy with just any old codfish. That was the generalidea when writing this song. The hook “there are so many fish in the sea- how could Ineed anyone but you now?” pretty much sums it all up. I recorded, produced andmixed this track myself, as per. I used these old cigarette cards I came across yearsago that have different types of fish on them as artwork for the track. They’re cool.They have facts about each fish on the back of the cards. I’m equal parts fascinatedby and scared of the ocean, and all the creatures that lurk within. And also sometimes people..”

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