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Annika Kilkenny shares her new single ‘Sentences’

Born and raised in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, Annika is a singer, songwriter and musician who’s been introducing herself to the world through a series of heartfelt, captivating singles. The latest of these ‘Sentences’ showcases her earnest songwriting that has already touched thousands online and even more at the handful of live shows she’s played.

Usually letting her music speak for itself, and her lyrics tell the story, earlier this month Annika opened up about the release of ‘Sentences’ and the journey she’s been on an as an artist so far, notably revealing her struggle with perfectionism.

One of the first songs she ever shared online, and one of the first songs she ever recorded, Annika revealed “I remember getting the vocal stems back and being so disappointed at how I didn’t sound ‘as good’ on the track as when singing in all of the vids I post on here. That came down to a multitude of factors; nerves, inexperience in a pro-setting and new-ness to it all in general.”

Dreading the thought of releasing the song and getting caught up in how others may view the recording, it was a chance conversation that pushed Annika to re-evaluate what this song meant to herself and others. “An artist I respect told me to view these songs as a freeze frame of where I was at that time in life,” she explains, “and at that time I was an intimidated, newly 19 year old trying to navigate the crazy world that is the music industry… I’d also like to put it out as a reminder to myself that perfection isn’t real. Authenticity always baby!”

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