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Photo credit: Rosie Powell

ARXX unveil new single ‘God Knows’

Queer Brighton alt-rockers ARXX unleash their newest single ‘God Knows’ via Submarine Cat Records. This look is the final tease for their upcoming highly-anticipated debut album Ride Or Die, which is released March 31. A dark pop tune loaded with vocal compression, retro-inspired electronic drums, and heavy heartedness, ‘God Knows’ fires themes of romantic anxiety and hope at the listener.

Toying with a not-so-quintessentially-ARXX sound, the duo claim that ‘God Knows’ is “one of the most adventurous tracks on our record.” The track, produced by Steve Ansell (Blood Red Shoes) and mastered by Katie Tavini, is built on foundations laid by some of the band’s favourite pop artists. “We really pushed ourselves to step into Dua Lipa’s shoes. We were able to live our Cher dreams and dive into the world of auto tune and swoopy synths.”

Ultimately, the playful, atmospheric tune covers the heartfelt topic of amorous pressure. ARXX states, “It’s about the tension between two people who really care for each other, trying to move through their differences.”

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