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Photo credit: Roj Ferman

Ash Olsen releases new single ‘someone else’

There is no one out there doing it quite like Ash Olsen right now. At a time when genre is still undeniably gendered, Olsen brings a fresh wave of androgynous releases that challenge anyone to categorise her music.

Continuing to carve her unique space in the current soundscape, Ash releases ‘someone else’, another stand-out single, raising the expectations of her forthcoming, debut LP, even higher.

Unafraid to detail the less straight-forward side of love, Ash explains the tracks inspiration; “’Someone Else’ is about how fucking hard and tough it is to see someone you shared your life with suddenly being with somebody new.. we made the song because I needed to just vent about how I was feeling. I made the song right after me and my ex broke up and I had seen a story [on Instragram] and it wasnt even like that but when I felt it hurt that much, I was like FUCK how tf am I gonna deal with this.”

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